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September 1: predictions of astrologers for the school year

September 1 of the year: predictions of astrologers for the school year

According to the prediction of astrologers, September 1, the year can be a very busy day. This is possible due to the unusual and controversial arrangement of the celestial bodies, affecting what is happening on Earth.

Moon September 1 will be in phase Descending, which speaks of its lack of impact on our lives. Aries Constellation, in which she now resides, should make her influence even weaker. Meanwhile, an extraordinary situation Mars will have on Earth is not the most favorable impact. Now the orbits of our planets are close to each other.

Named after the god of war, Mars can adversely affect the mood of the people on this day. There may be outbreaks of military conflicts or unexpected natural disasters.

In academic and intellectual terms, the day will also be quite difficult. Influence The moon weakened, therefore, flashes of negative emotions provoked by Mars, and as a result — conflict situations, quarrels and differences of opinion. Most likely, on this day you will want to argue and prove your opinion, and you will not be alone in this desire to be right.

Disputes — both at school time and in everyday life — are almost inevitable, and one can only try to minimize their consequences.

The day from which the school year begins will affect the rest of the school time. The saying about “you will meet and spend” will be fair. Therefore, the conflicts that originated on September 1 can last more than one semester and adversely affect further academic performance.

The disagreements that have arisen on this day are best left on this day, otherwise you risk greatly spoiling your own successes of the last year and in the new academic year you will not be in a better position.

On the other hand, Mars will help to express themselves with the best hand and will push to the desire to be all over the first. Those who succeed on the 1st day are more likely to be successful the whole year. Astrologers say that success in the first days of the month will not pass for Mars unnoticed, and he will take the distinguished under his protection.

Favor of the red planet will help out even in difficult situations, will help not to lose the morale and attitude to leadership and victory.

Negative influence Mars instead of weak The moon will take over The sun. On this day, flashes and even magnetic storms are likely on it. For meteosensitive people, this is a sign that it will be necessary to closely monitor the state of your body and avoid risky health situations, including not overworking on the first day of school. Active influence The sun will help to neutralize the negative energy of Mars.

Therefore, astrologers consider September 1 of the year to be unstable, but not critical.

On this day, the most advantageous position will be to keep calm and peace of mind. So you do not succumb to the negative influence of the heavenly bodies, but at the same time do not lose their patronage, being persistent and confident in those aspects where you are right. Avoid making responsible decisions under the power of emotions.

Then the school year will be fruitful at the opportunity and your personal achievements.

Throughout the study time, conflicts are likely to have a negative impact on success, so try not to join them, limiting yourself to substantiated arguments. A true dispute will make you successful. The sphere of mental development during this period should play an important role in life, especially in the first academic semester, which will be more affected Mars. Therefore, pay attention to your own success, intellectual growth and and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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