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Seeing Pancake Day February 18: the last day of Pancake Week

Seeing Pancake Week February 18: the last day of the Pancake Week

The Pancake week has come to an end: on February 18, the inhabitants of our country are solemnly spending the outgoing winter. Spend this day unforgettably, observing the beautiful traditions of the holiday.

Recall that the Pancake Week was celebrated from 12 to 18 February. During this time, many of you have already managed to dress up a scarecrow, ride down a hill on a sled, and treat yourself and your loved ones with pancakes. Unfortunately, the holidays can not last forever, and already on February 18 we have to symbolically say goodbye to winter.

In addition to Pancake Day, on this day Orthodox believers will celebrate an equally important event — Forgiveness Sunday.

How to celebrate the last day of Shrovetide

Seeing Carnival start in the morning. The celebration is accompanied by noisy concerts, songs, dances and performances of orchestras. Anyone can participate in this event.

After awakening, the housewives do not have to sit still, because in the evening the house will be filled with guests. In Russia, women woke up early in the morning and began to prepare treats for the holiday table. In addition to pancakes, made pancakes, pies and tubes with cottage cheese.

Many Shrovetide entertainment have no age restrictions. On this day, both adults and children can ride from the mountain, play snowballs and ride a sleigh. Huge popularity enjoyed competitive games.

Young people organized comic fist fights or participated in the competition for the highest snow castle.

In the morning, the newlyweds came to visit their parents and thanked them for their wedding gifts. On Shrovetide Sunday, it is also customary to visit witnesses and witnesses of the marriage — they brought small souvenirs in the form of small straw dolls as a gift, and also offered pancakes with various fillings.

Creating an effigy is considered one of the most important traditions of the beginning of the Carnival week, but it was decided to burn it only on the last day of Carnival. People arrange noisy performances with songs about the wires of winter, and then gather around the straw doll and burn it. This entertainment is also considered a ritual of getting rid of negativity and problems.

In the Orthodox calendar, Shrovetide is called Forgiveness. On this day, it is customary to ask for forgiveness from your loved ones and to forgive offenders with the words: «God will forgive, and I forgive.»

Not a single Shrovetide day is complete without noisy festivities. The fun begins in the morning and lasts until late evening. Songs, dances, funny performances — all this can be seen during the festive event.

Pancakes are the main pancake dish, and the wires of Maslenitsa are not complete without traditional treats. On this day, the hostess should please every guest, so they serve a dish with different fillings. According to church canons, from February 12 to February 18, the Syrupust week lasts, which means it is forbidden to eat meat, but it can be replaced with cheese.

Cooked pancakes should not be too lean, as even believers during this period are allowed to eat dairy products and eggs.

In the evening, all family members gather around the table, invite friends and neighbors, and accompany Pancake Week. There should be a huge abundance of food on the holiday table: in addition to pancakes, each housewife can cook other traditional dishes. On this day, alcohol is consumed in small quantities, since the next day begins a long and strict period of Lent.

Pancake week is accompanied by an abundance of food and traditional entertainment. However, on February 19, believers will have to abandon many of their favorite products. To go through a long journey of body cleansing without harming your body, use the daily nutrition calendar. We wish you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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