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Retrograde Venus in March

Venus retrograde in March

The retrograde of the planets is an astrological phenomenon in which the planet in the sky moves backwards. Moreover, its impact on the world and on people can vary greatly.

Astronomical substantiation of retrogradeness in different orbits of the planets and their speed of movement. From time to time, observers from Earth see that the planet turned around and went in the opposite direction. From the point of view of astrology, such an event is of no small importance, as it can radically change the energy of the planet.

The movement of retrograde Venus in the spring of the year

The reverse movement of Venus will begin. March 4 and last until April 15th. During this time, the financial condition can change, as well as the situation in the love sphere. It is believed that during this period it is better not to invest large sums anywhere and to avoid cosmetic surgeries.

The period of retrograde Venus will meet in the Zodiac sign Aries, but from April 3 its position will change, as, by making a loop, it will enter the Sign of Pisces. Many of these days will change their priorities and take a fresh look at the state of affairs and their own values. Significant impact will acquire the baggage of the past.

Errors in judgments are likely — you can make a hasty conclusion about a person without understanding his motives, or hurry up with the acquisition of a major purchase, overestimating it.

Astrological characteristics of retrograde Venus

As you know, Venus is the planet most strongly influencing love affairs. Retrograde will place its emphasis on loyalty and durability of feelings, as well as on the material side of the issue.

Some relationships risk literally depreciating due to the fact that spouses or partners did not understand each other in time. At the same time, active actions may not bring results, but, on the contrary, turn into the fact that you will simply take one step after the other, and your partner will keep moving away (or the situation will be mirrored vice versa). So it is better not to get excited about the proposal to bring the relationship to a new level immediately, weigh the pros and cons, consider the advantages and not rush to conclusions until April 15.

Words and intentions will be of particular importance, they may even block actions.

April in this regard will be the most revealing, since at this time Venus forms an aspect with Saturn. The square of Venus and Saturn leads to obstacles on the way. For March, you can prepare a space for maneuver or take other actions so that April passed safely — for example, not to assign risky undertakings or responsible events for this time.

Well, if you cancel all plans during the retrograde time of Venus — not an option, you can also check with the lunar calendar, choosing suitable important days for important matters.

What can be done under the influence of retrograde Venus

Meet old friends. At this time, when the past somehow influences the state of affairs, it is better to remember not about negative events, but about good. You can renew old connections.

It is likely that the return of old love or reconciliation with an important person for you, if life has diverged before. It is important to restore broken relationships only when the second party takes obvious steps towards rapprochement, otherwise you can be deceived and wishful thinking.

Retrograde Venus is good for those who are associated with sales. At this time, you can sell stale goods, find a buyer for unclaimed things, make a deal to sell or rent real estate, even if before that the demand for it was small.

At this time, renegotiations, re-examinations are successfully held — any cases that you once undertook and were defeated. On the retrograde Venus, you can replay the situation in their favor.

What you should not do in the period of retrograde Venus

It is quite risky at this time to start dating or marry. It is better not to take relations to a new level, but to strengthen the existing positions.

Astrological science connects Venus not only with love, but also with money. Therefore, the period when it moves in reverse is unfavorable for large investments and purchases. There is a risk of incorrectly estimating the value of a thing, acquiring a marriage, paying an inflated price and losing money.

Especially carefully purchase expensive jewelry or paintings, so as not to encounter a well-made fake.

Avoid hasty conclusions. Much of the influence of retrograde Venus is seen in a distorted light, the desired can be taken for real, and the obvious is not noticed at all. If it seems to you that you need to immediately leave work, break off relations, change your image, and so on, it is better to wait until the day when Venus returns to the usual trajectory of movement.

We wish you a successful retrograde period of Venus. During this period, it is better not to hurry, as the slowing down of the reaction, while Venus makes a loop in the Sign of Aries and Pisces, is quite normal. On our site you can learn more about astrology and astronomy. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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