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Red Hill May 8

Red Hill May 8

The popular and famous festival Red Hill is one of the most joyful days. It is associated with spring warmth and youth, as well as weddings and original traditions.

Red Hill is a celebration that today combines the traditions of Slavic and Christian. It is always celebrated exactly seven days after Easter. he will be on May 8th.

In the Orthodox calendar, this holiday has its own characteristics and history, being called Antipaskha, or St. Thomas.

In the Slavic tradition, this holiday is associated with spring and joy. It was one of the most fun days of spring, important, first of all, for young people. For this period, most weddings were sent out, they were sent by matchmakers, the bridegrooms were arranged, and boys and girls confessed their love to each other. With the strengthening of the Orthodox faith, the wedding custom only intensified: after all, during the whole Great Lent and Easter week, the sacrament of the wedding was not carried out.

And the first day, when it was possible to get married, is Sunday after Easter, that is, on Fomin’s Week.

Signs on the Red Hill

Young people had to take part in the festivities. It is believed that if a young man or girl is at home on this day, then they may never create a family, or the marriage may be unhappy. This is also due to the fact that it was on this day that people were wooed and looked at each other, choosing a con’s or a con’s.

Young people who marry on this day will surely create a strong family, the union will be successful, husband and wife will heal in love and harmony.

They also believed that if you toss a coin into a well or a pond, then there will always be happiness in life. At the same time they make a wish: it is very likely to be fulfilled very soon.

It is believed that prayer on this day has a special power. Therefore, praying on the Red Hill, you not only purify your soul, but also shed your life. Prayers in Antipaskha and Fomino Sunday will help you, because on May 8, these holidays coincide in one day.

Conspiracies and rituals on the red hill

There is no doubt that the wedding will give a long and prosperous life together on the Red Hill: the lunar calendar of weddings confirms folk signs. But besides weddings and prayers, plots on beauty and love are becoming especially powerful. Moreover, there is also a ritual of washing with water from icons, which attracts wealth.

A conspiracy on beauty

From the very morning on the Red Hill you can hold the following small ritual, which will give you even more charm and beauty. Needed not dried leaves of pink rose or rose, red poppy or tulip. Pour milk and water equally into the container, for example, half a glass of milk and half a glass of water. First, wash your face with clean cool water three times, saying: “You are good, water, so is I”.

Then you can wipe off. Throw leaves from a flower in a container with water and milk. Speak conspiracy: “The flower is red, the flower is gentle, so that I like the flower: beautiful, loved and tender”.

Wash with this composition.

Ritual for wealth

On this day, the icons were washed: they poured water into a basin and wiped them with a cloth. And then it was possible to conduct a ceremony: with this water from the icons, the oldest one washed every family member. It was believed that this ritual will bring wealth to the house.

About him, of course, no one could talk, so as not to jinx it.

Conspiracy to love

Draw a heart on your left palm. If you draw in red, paint it; if it is different, let it be not painted over inside. Sentence: “Fight, heart, fight, warm with love, so that before I get away from my hand, I meet my betrothed. Hold your word firmly and bring the happiness of love to me.

Forever and ever. Let it be so».

Plots of love can be carried out not only on the day of Krasnaya Gorka: if carried out correctly, they will always be valid, as, for example, a conspiracy against loneliness. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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