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Red Hill April 19

Red Hill April 19

Red Hill is celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, that is, April 19. This holiday has always been the most long-awaited celebration for young people, since on this day it is customary to walk, have fun and play weddings.

The Red Hill celebration symbolizes the arrival of spring, the beginning of a new life. It was on this day that in the old days it was customary to play weddings. This tradition has been preserved to this day — many newlyweds set the date of their marriage on the Red Hill.

It is believed that the wedding played on this day and the whole following week made the relationship of the young strong, happy and long.

Traditions and customs on the Red Hill

The main tradition on this holiday is wedding. In old times, this time was the most suitable for marriages — the beginning of spring, the completion of fasting and the lack of work in the field. “Whoever marries on the Red Hill will never divorce” — so they said about the wedding on this spring holiday.

On the Red Hill it is customary to remember the dead relatives. They said about this day: “In the Red Hill, the parents of their graves are dying warm.”

On the Red Hill in the people was taken have fun, sing, go for a walk and lead round dances.

On this day It is customary to dress up in the most beautiful and new clothes. If you go outside in something old and shabby, you can frighten the spring, and then the weather will deteriorate. They dressed beautifully for another reason: on this day, the girls wanted to please the guys, so they tried to look good.

On this day, you can find your betrothed.

Red Hill is a pagan festival. On this day, people went to the highest place in the village — a hill or a hill — and greeted the sun, praised the god Yarilo. For the Orthodox, this day is called Fomin Sunday or antipasho. According to legend, this Sunday Jesus appeared to the Apostle Thomas, who is the only one of his disciples who did not believe the resurrection of his teacher.

So, Thomas believed in the Resurrection of the Lord. It is from this biblical tradition that the tradition of playing the game of «believe-do not believe» went on this day.

You should not be sad, cry and yearn for the Red Hill. This is the time of spring, joy and bright hopes. On this happy day, you can make a wish by looking at the sun.

Do not miss this opportunity! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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