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Red Hill April 15

Red Hill April 15

The Red Hill is a holiday that includes both folk and church traditions. He has many alternative names, each of which is relevant.

The clergymen recommend Orthodox people to call Red Hill Fomin Sunday. The name Antipaskh is still common: it translates as “the day instead of Easter” and reminds of the Resurrection of Christ, which happened a week ago, calling on believers to once again rejoice in the miracle. In any case, this is an important day for all Orthodox Christians.

The meaning of the holiday

To understand the very meaning of the holiday, it is necessary to turn to the Gospel. One of the disciples of Jesus Christ, Thomas, did not believe in the Resurrection of the Lord, because he could not see this with his own eyes. More precisely, I could not, because I did not attend the fateful meeting of the apostles and did not see the Messiah, who was resurrected and rose from the tomb completely healthy.

Thomas told the disciples of Christ that he would not believe in a miracle until he himself was convinced of his truthfulness.

The next time Jesus came to his disciples, Thomas was there. He saw Christ and believed what other apostles had told him. At that moment, the Lord spoke words that are very important to each of us: «Blessed is he who believes without seeing».

This means that faith that is based only on sensations, without evidence, has the greatest honor. This suggests that closer to the Lord are those believers who do not require proof, miracles and other things.

Red Hill, or Antipaskha, is a holiday celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. This day falls on April 15th.

Red hill

Red Hill — this name is more popular, because this day has always been widely celebrated in Russia. People chose in the fields some place that had dried out of the snow, and people gathered on it and held festivities. It is clear that there are echoes of pagan beliefs. The people of this day was considered the time of the meeting of the summer and winter wires.

People walked and had fun. Apparently, the ancient Russian church decided to combine this holiday with Fomin Sunday, so that there would be no conflicts of cultures and traditions.

In the modern world they honor church traditions that have come down to us through the centuries:

  • Red Hill is the beginning of the Radonitsky week. This is the time of remembrance of the departed. Radonitsa is celebrated on Tuesday, that is, on April 17th. On this day, you can visit the cemetery according to church rules;
  • on the Red Hill in the churches, the parable of the unbelieving Thomas is remembered. The service in the churches is almost as joyful as at Easter itself;
  • On this day, it is customary for Catholics to take the very first communion. Orthodoxy in some regions also has a similar tradition.

There are folk traditions that are also respected by many people:

  • in ancient times, people burned bonfires on the Red Hill to ask the Higher Forces about a rich harvest. To this day in some places of our country people make huge fireplaces;
  • on the red hill to take play weddings. Those who are familiar with Russian traditions know that it used to be popular to play the wedding on this particular day. On Sunday, the registry office is unlikely to work, but to arrange a holiday for guests is quite possible;
  • Red Hill is the name of a place that has dried out and got rid of traces of winter. It is in such places that people still go on a walk. On this day, it is customary to give gifts to loved ones.

This is a good holiday in every sense. The fact is that the Red Hill is a symbiosis of the memory of the ancient culture of Russia and the memory of biblical events following the events of Holy Week.

The Red Hill is a bright holiday, which cannot but be celebrated, because the parable of Thomas reminds us that everyone deserves forgiveness, even those who have doubted their faith. There is no one whose faith would be perfect, because we are all human. Wrong thoughts creep in to each of us.

Real faith is not the one that has been played, but is in accordance with the rules of the church, but one that comes from the heart, even if initially it was accompanied by doubts.

Easter is celebrated for forty days, so Radon week is part of Easter. Red Hill is a day that is important for any believer, because at this time Jesus Christ gave his answer about what it means to believe in God. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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