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Parental Saturdays: Orthodox calendar

Parental Saturdays: Orthodox calendar

Parental Saturdays are of great importance in the life of Orthodox believers. These days are intended to commemorate the departed and purify the soul.

In the Orthodox calendar for the year you will find all the major holidays, which are celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church. Parental Saturdays, marked in it, are a way to honor the memory of the forefathers who gave us life, as well as all those who died for the Orthodox faith.

Not every Parent Saturday falls on the sixth day of the week. Those that “fall in” precisely on Saturdays are commonly called the Ecumenical.

Universe Parental Saturdays

Opens the list Meat saturday, which will be celebrated February 10. On this day, all the relatives who have completed the earthly path are commemorated. For the living, this holiday is a reminder of the mortal life that needs to be held, cultivating the immortal soul in purity and good intentions.

Trinity Parent’s Saturday will be held before the holy day of the Holy Trinity, and its date — 26 of May. On the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of the Lord, all the departed without exception are commemorated, including those who died voluntarily or went missing.

Parent Saturdays of Lent

These Saturdays are distinguished by the fact that after the festive church liturgy, believers remain at a memorial service in which they mention their deceased relatives. The priests are given notes in advance with the names of those for whose souls they want to pray.

First saturday will take place during the second week of Lent, and its date is March, 3rd.

Second saturday marked in the church calendar of the year 10th of March, and her time is the third week of fasting.

Third saturday will take place March 17. It is final and takes place during the fourth week of the post.

Private parenting days

Such days exist only in the practice of the Russian Church, and at this time you have the opportunity to pray for the souls of people who have found peace in Heaven.

May 9 in a solemn liturgy, the Russian people bow their heads in deference to the fallen soldiers who gave their lives during the Great Patriotic War. Tears of joy are interspersed with universal grief for the millions who have fallen, who have shown exceptional valor and courage.

April 17 Radonitsa is celebrated, which follows exactly on the ninth day after Easter.

11 September serve a memorial service for Orthodox soldiers who laid down their heads during the battle for Faith, the Tsar and the Fatherland.

the 3rd of November is coming Dimitry parents Saturday. She refers us to the exploits of Dmitry Solunsky, the great martyr who died by death.

These Orthodox holidays show us the significance of human life. During church services, everyone understands that worldly life is short and can end at any time, and the immortal soul will continue to exist and will be responsible for all our actions.

Pray to the Higher Forces to help you avoid the problems and problems of life. Daily take time to spiritual development, which not only purifies the soul, but also attracts the benefits of life. We wish you health and happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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