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Parental Saturdays in March

Parent Saturdays in March

On certain dates in the church calendar, it is customary to recall the departed relatives. It is necessary to make it that number when the person who departed from you was born, and also in his name day. However, in addition to these dates, there are also parental Saturdays, when there is a general commemoration of the souls of deceased relatives.

Parent Saturdays

Parental days, or Saturdays, are the specially designated 9 days during which commemoration takes place. Saturday got its name from the fact that most of them fall on the corresponding day of the week. The people’s and Christian calendars of commemoration coincide, since it is customary to honor the memory of important holidays, such as the Trinity and the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God, gone to the other world.

Parental they are called, as they are associated with previous generations of the genus and family.

Parental Saturdays are tied to specific dates, and special days of commemoration are considered depending on the date of Easter, so they change every year, that is, they are rolling.

Parenting days in March of the year

There will be two Saturdays of March of the year of the year: Ecumenical Meatless Saturday, March 5, and Parental Universe, Saturday of the second week of fasting, March 26. In this case, the word «universal» means «universal», since on such days special memorial services are organized in the church, and everyone can join it to remember the deceased dear and dear by human blood.

Parents Saturday meat comes two days before Shrovetide. This is the first day in the Orthodox calendar, which is given to commemorate loved ones. It received its name from the fact that on the eve of Maslenitsa and in the very Maslenitsa week, which is also called cheese in Orthodoxy, it is already forbidden to eat meat.

On this day, priests conduct services, during which they commemorate all the dead pious Christians, beginning with Adam, including those who remained without burial.

At the time of Lent, there are three dates of commemoration of deceased relatives: March 26, April 2 and 9. They are singled out specifically, because during the entire time of the Holy Quartet the full liturgy and commemoration is not held, even on 3, 9 and 40 days after death. Thus, by spending Parenting Saturdays, the Church seeks not to deprive the dead of their representation and makes prayer commemorations for them.

Despite the fact that dates and numbers are allocated to commemorate the departed church, just try not to forget the people most dear to you not only at this time. Take care of living relatives and visit them often, so as not to regret the lost opportunities. Be healthy, perform daily prayers. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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