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Paraskeva Friday, November 10

Paraskeva Friday Day November 10th

In the church calendar, November 10, is the date of the memory of the holy Great Martyr Paraskeva. This is one of the most significant holidays in Orthodoxy, when you can ask the saint about family happiness and prosperity in life.

Every year, on November 10, the Orthodox Church celebrates a bright holiday — the day of remembrance of Paraskeva Friday. In the people, the Great Martyr is also called the Babysuit, the Keeper of the hearth and the Patroness of family happiness. This is not accidental, because the help of the saint is first of all received by girls who want to marry successfully, women who are experiencing disagreements in the family, as well as those who dream of having a healthy baby.

On this day, all believers offer prayers to Paraskeva, honor her blessed memory, recall the story of her life, observe all church traditions. Only with the proper holding of the festival can one expect the help of a saint. She helps those who remember her, her righteous life and good deeds.

The life story of Paraskeva Friday

In the third century, during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletin, Paraskeva Friday was born in a wealthy family at that time. For years, spouses dreamed of a child. They preached Christianity and prayed tirelessly to God for the imminent conception and giving of a child to them. With great persistence they read the prayers on Friday, since this day of the week was considered the day of the sufferings and torments of Christ.

Their prayers were heard: the Lord gave them a daughter, whom they christened Paraskeva. Translated from Greek, this name means «Friday.»

The girl from an early age was distinguished by a good disposition, humility and piety. While living in faith, young Paraskeva did not focus any attention on young people, their courtship and matchmaking, saying that she had already given her heart, soul and body to the Lord. She inherited a huge inheritance from her parents, which she also refused, giving away everything to the needs of the poor.

Paraskeva Friday lived in a very hectic time, when pagans were in power. Her righteous life and submission to the Lord, and not to the ruler Diocletin, caused the saint to be tortured and dreadful death. However, after her execution, she managed to win even greater love of people.

Until her last breath, the martyr read prayers of thanksgiving to God, showing how word and prayer can work wonders. In the modern world, the icon of the saint is considered a talisman guarding family happiness and well-being, and prayers to it can heal even the most painful diseases of the soul and body.

What to pray Paraskeva Friday

The icon of the holy martyr can be found in almost every home. Orthodox Christians are convinced that in the image of Paraskeva Friday lies the strength and power from Above. Her icon is considered one of the most powerful and powerful amulets protecting the home and family from various kinds of misfortunes. On Memorial Day, November 10, people bring their crops and flax to church to consecrate them.

The fruits are left until next year. This is considered a good sign, attracting happiness, well-being and fertility. With flax, they cover the icon of Paraskeva, and also use it in creating a talisman.

First of all, Paraskeva Pyatnitsa is considered the intercessor of women’s happiness. She herself gave her life and heart to the will of the Son of God. Therefore, for every girl she wants only the best and helps to find a decent husband.

There are a huge number of prayers for Paraskeva Friday, which are read by women who dream of marriage and a happy family life. The clergy say that if you read the prayers with faith and an open heart, Paraskeva will hear your requests and give everything you ask for.

Paraskeva Friday prayer on the day of her memory

“O close to Christ, the great martyr Paraskeva, hear our prayers. You are the Christian guardian of faith, the commandment of the Lord is a performer and a prayer-book woman is zealous. To You, we offer our prayers and ask You, disobedient to the will of the devil, awaken our love for Christ in us. By the power of your prayers, we ask to save our thoughts from doubts and fears, our body from diseases.

They settled in the heart of grace and humility. Wise and All-Paraskeva, accept our prayers, do not turn away from them in difficult times and increase the strength of the spirit, but take away your weakness. Help defeat the devil inside. Save our souls and direct them along the path of well-being, straight to the happiness of sweets.

Pray to the Lord, as we pray thee, O holy intercessor. Singing praise to you will not tire of forever and ever. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Traditions on the day of Paraskeva Friday

Touching the origins of folk history, you can learn something from your ancestors and continue honoring the saint as it was before. It was believed that those who honor the bright memory of Paraskeva, the great martyr rewards them with their help and intercession, and those who betray her life to oblivion, are punished. That is why every believer should know what to do and what not to do on November 10.

What do we have to do:

  • visit the temple of God and defend the service dedicated to Paraskeva Friday there;
  • read prayers to Paraskeva Friday;
  • consecrate a piece of flax, which should cover the icon of Paraskeva Friday;
  • next to the source of holy water, place the image of a saint so that he can absorb all the healing power;
  • to consecrate a bunch of healing herbs in the church in order to make a decoction at home from the ailment that torments the patient;
  • make a powerful talisman, saving from any disease. To do this, you need to rewrite the text of the prayer to the saint on a piece of paper and wrap it in linen. Such a talisman is applied to the sore spot.

What not to do:

  • forget about the five-day fast, which is held on the eve of the holiday;
  • do household chores and crafts;
  • discuss someone else’s life, gossip and slander others;
  • haircut, comb hair and wash your hair;
  • bathe children;
  • lend money. This is especially true for pregnant women. In ancient times, it was believed that in this way, future mothers put the fate of their child in the wrong hands.

Of course, not every person has the opportunity to visit the church on the day of remembrance of Paraskeva Friday. But this does not mean that you need to renounce the holiday and its traditions. Even grateful prayers to God and the Holy Great Martyr will help you honor her memory, move closer to the Lord, and take the path of spiritual growth.

Do not be afraid to ask for your happiness and do everything possible for this. Be happy, success to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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