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Palm Sunday: traditions and customs of the holiday

Palm Sunday: traditions and customs of the holiday

The tradition of celebrating Palm Sunday arose several centuries ago. This significant holiday for all Orthodox Christians means the coming to Jerusalem of Jesus, the Messiah and savior of human souls.

Traditional willow, which is consecrated on this holiday, was not chosen by chance. The Son of God was greeted with palm branches, and in our climate the first spring beacon was always willow, a symbol of rebirth.

Traditions and customs on Palm Sunday

On the eve, on Lazarus Saturday, Orthodox Christians went into the forest and broke willow branches. They were taken to the temple for festive service and sanctified. These bouquets were necessarily put at home near the icons in order to ward off famously and adversity from all households.

The ritual that came to us from our ancestors remained unchanged: it was customary to whip each other with willow branches in order to expel disease and negative from the body. Willow buds are often baked along with the bread, which then treated their loved ones. They also gave verbal buds to domestic cattle in order to ward off illness, death and enlist good offspring.

On Palm Sunday, priests call on Orthodox people to devote time to prayer, meditation on their actions, and communication with family and relatives. During the holiday, Lent continues, so it is worth refraining from entertainment.

Another ancient tradition is to put in the hands of the dead lit willow twigs. According to beliefs, such a ritual allowed the soul of the departed to be cleansed from sins and to appear before the Savior with a symbol of rebirth and sinlessness in his hands.

On this day, it is also allowed indulgence in meals. In front of Christians, Holy Week, the strictest week, awaits, therefore on festive Sunday it is allowed to eat fish.

The centuries-old tradition, which is still used today, makes it possible to enlist the support of the Higher Forces and to gain well-being and wealth for the whole year. To do this, you need to bake lean breads for each family member, and put a coin into one. The one who gets this filling, will find happiness and good luck.

On the day of Palm Sunday, women who dream of having a baby swallowed a few willow buds in the hope of soon getting pregnant and making a healthy baby.

Last year’s willow branches were incinerated. They accumulated negative energy, which the consecrated branches collected during the year. Such a ritual contributed to the purification of the house from the remnants of the negative, because not only firewood can be put in the fire, but also things that have gone out of use.

On Sunday, according to tradition, they planted a new plant and put it on a window sill in the main room. It was believed that it will attract wealth to the house, as well as contribute to a bountiful harvest in the fields and gardens.

Also, our ancestors on that day locked the poultry and did not allow it to freely walk around the yard. It was believed that the rampaging impure forces tend to harm people and encroach on weak and defenseless birds. People believed that the temporary lull of evil spirits began on Easter, and a week before her she was outraged.

Palm Sunday has traditionally been associated with the symbol of a new life. By this was meant procreation. On a holiday, girls thought of their lovers or represented possible suitors.

According to legends, the first man who entered the house from a foreign race was a harbinger of a quick marriage.

People signs on this festive day are still popular today. Remember that during strict fasting, it is important to devote time to spiritual growth for enlightenment, so the priests prohibit any fortune telling and other ways to change their destiny. Spend this holiday with the closest people and enjoy the warmth of communication. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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