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Palm Sunday: church traditions and folk customs of the holiday

Palm Sunday: church traditions and folk customs of the holiday

Palm Sunday is a great holiday, which is annually celebrated by believers a week before Easter. On this day, the Lord entered Jerusalem, and his path was covered with palm branches. Then began his suffering on the cross, described in the Gospel.

The holiday does not have an exact date: it is always celebrated on the last Sunday of Lent and exactly one week before Holy Easter. it will be April 1st. Palm Sunday is considered one of the 12 major church holidays, has a rich history and many traditions.

Church holiday traditions

On the night before the feast, an all-night vigil is held in the temples. Christian believers go to the service with verbal branches, light candles and pray to the Supreme Forces until the very morning. During the service, the willow is sprinkled with holy water, which the believers subsequently take home.

At home, they put it on the iconostasis near the icon of the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ, and last year’s twigs are burned at the stake. The main symbol of Palm Sunday protects the home and those living in it from any adversity and helps to overcome difficulties.

After the service, many go to the cemetery during the day to honor the memory of their deceased relatives. On the graves they leave a willow branch consecrated in the church, light candles and ask the souls of the dead to help in business and suggest a way to well-being.

Folk customs of Palm Sunday

Among the people on the eve of the holiday, on Lazarus Saturday, the families went for verbal branches. They tried to pluck flowering twigs from young trees, in the trunks of which there is no hollow or large cracks. Cutting the verbal branches near the cemetery was forbidden.

By tradition, during the church holiday, all work stopped, people spent time in prayers. Celebrate Palm Sunday clergy recommend in a comfortable family circle. On Palm Sunday, they were preparing treats, which usually consisted of fish pies, cereal with dried fruits, and lean pastries. For example, dough nuts made it possible for every family member, cattle, and pet to get rid of illness and illness.

They were often put on one verbal bud.

According to the ancient tradition on Palm Sunday, childless women made amulets from the vernal buds, and willow branches were placed under the mattresses so that they would soon have healthy offspring.

Newlyweds must be showered with vernal buds so that there is no room for discord and poverty in their family, as well as numerous healthy offspring.

According to the old custom, with verbal branches, households and livestock are slightly struck. The twigs sanctified in the church possess exceptional power capable of preventing diseases, evil eyes and spoilage.

The palm buds are used in baking. It was believed that such a treat gives strength and health, and also contributes to the emergence of healthy offspring. Therefore, on the day of the holiday, acquaintances treated each other to buns with verbal buds.

Willow branches, consecrated in the church, had the power, so for a good harvest they were stuck in the ground, which was intended for sowing grain.

They threw branches against the wind to protect themselves from natural disasters, fixed them under the roof of houses to protect themselves from evil spirits and the evil eye.

Palm branches were hung in a hen house and a stable to protect animals and birds from pestilence, disease and theft. The palm buds must be added to the food of the pet to increase their litter and the number of eggs in birds.

During the festival, they often conduct various rituals aimed at attracting well-being and love.

Spend a holiday with your family and be sure to consecrate the willow twigs. They bring good luck and well-being to the house, so they must be kept for the whole year until the next Palm Sunday. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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