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Orthodox church calendar for the year

Orthodox church calendar for the year

Orthodox calendars are one of the most important attributes of the life of any believer. It is with such a calendar that the church advises to verify the events planned in life.

Looking into the calendar is important in order not to plan a day of fasting with friends and not to miss important dates on which it is better to devote yourself to spiritual cleansing and thoughts about God. In addition, the great Christian holidays are a great joy for a religious person, and they simply need to be celebrated, in accordance with the spirit of the Faith and Christian canons.

Major Orthodox Holidays

There are 12 of them, and 9 of them are called intransitive. This means that their date of celebration does not depend on Easter and remains unchanged from year to year.

  • On January 7, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Great Nativity of Christ.
  • January 19, the entire Christian world celebrates the baptism of our Savior.
  • On February 15, in the middle of the month, the Meeting is celebrated, the meeting of Christ and the righteous old man from Jerusalem, Simeon.
  • March 4 is celebrating the Annunciation — the good news day to the Virgin Mary about her future destination.
  • August 19 in all churches celebrate the Transfiguration.
  • August 28 — Assumption of the Virgin, on this day celebrate her reunion with Heaven.

In addition to these dates, there are three more, passing ones, on which church holidays are also celebrated:

  • April 24 — Palm Sunday, the feast of the coming of the Lord to Jerusalem.
  • June 9 — Ascension of the Lord, celebrated 40 days after Easter.
  • June 19 — Trinity, the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.


2016 will be marked by a rather late celebration of Easter — May 1. On this day, services will be held in all the churches in memory of the bright Resurrection of Christ. This day serves as a reminder of the Kingdom of Heaven and the immortality of souls.

Then, from May 2 to 8, Easter Week will stretch. With Easter, the new Christian year begins and the countdown of all passing holidays and all liturgies associated with them.


The Orthodox calendar has 4 main multi-day posts. Since November 28 of the previous, year, the main, Advent is stretching. It will end on January 6th.

Then, March 14 and will last until April 30 Lent. Petrov post is counting from June 27 to July 11. And the last, Assumption post — from 14 to 27 August.

Also, all Wednesdays and Fridays are considered to be Lenten, except for those that fall on Yule and continuous seventies. The holidays will last from January 7 to 17, and the weeks from February 15 to 21 (the week of the Mytar and Pharisee), from March 7 to 13 (the Cheese week, Maslenitsa), from May 2 to 8 (Easter week) and from May 20 to 26 (Trinity Week).

Fasting is accompanied by the day of Epiphany Eve on January 18, the day of the Beheading of John the Baptist, September 11, and the Exaltation of September 27. And since the posts differ, being strict and weak, it is better to prepare for each of them separately, in order not only not to eat too much food — this is not the main thing — but to read spiritual literature by this time and become more pure in soul and more humble — like.

Remember the holy days and the importance of prayers. Treat faith with respect, and in a difficult moment it will help you out, leaving you in trouble. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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