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Orthodox calendar of parenting Saturdays

Orthodox calendar of parenting Saturdays

The church calendar has many celebrations celebrated by Orthodox Christians. These include parenting Saturdays. Most of them depend on the calendar celebration of Easter, so they change dates from year to year.

Parental Saturdays are a time in which liturgy is served in all churches and temples, remembering the dead. On such holidays, Orthodox write little notes with the names of their departed relatives, so that the priests mention them during their service. Also, these days it is customary to visit cemeteries to pay tribute to the memory of their loved ones.

In addition to the usual, there are also Universal parental Saturdays. At this time, commemorate all the departed, including the missing, not buried properly, as well as the saints who died for the Orthodox faith.

Parent Saturdays

February 18 — Ecumenical Meat-Friendly Parent Saturday. It is so named because of the ban on the use of meat products. The holiday begins 7 days before the beginning of Lent before Easter. The people of Saturday received the name Malaya Maslenitsa, because it takes place a week before the Maslenitsa.

On this day, all Orthodox believers serve a requiem for all the departed since the creation of the world. Traditionally, they cook a special dish — kutyu. It is a porridge with nuts, candied fruits or dried fruit, smeared with honey.

The special meaning of this dish is that the grain, in order to give the bread, must first decay and then be revived. In the same way, the human body must be buried in order for the immortal soul to continue its journey in the Kingdom of Heaven. On this day, they attend the church, illuminate with kutyu, and going to the cemetery is undesirable. In a temple or at home, it is worth praying for all the departed to help them ascend to the Lord:

«Lord Jesus! Your servants are praying to You for the repose of all who have now died and who dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven. Give peace to the souls of those who were not buried, and grant them everlasting peace under Your gaze.

From the beginning of the created world to this day. We pray for everyone, for everyone who sleeps on the earth and in the water, in the air and in the hollow. Amen».

March 11 is the parental Saturday of the second week (or second week) of Lent.

March 18 is the parental Saturday of the third week (or the third week) of Great Lent.

March 25 is the Saturday of the fourth week (or week) of the fast. During the period of Great Lent, Orthodox continue to pray for the souls of their dead relatives, they visit the cemetery, where they also ask the Lord to have mercy on all the departed. During the period of fasting, if parental Saturdays do not fall on significant church holidays, services are short.

The church has 3 days of prayers, respectively, each parent Saturday. Orthodox bear notes with the names of all who want to remember, as well as bring products to the canon. This ancient tradition of commemoration of the departed through the proposed treats.

April 25 — Radonitsa. The name comes from the word «rejoice», because the bright feast of Easter continues. This day falls on Tuesday, and after the dirge and Easter hymns, Orthodox Christians visit the graves of their deceased relatives to remember their memory and pray for their souls:

“The Lord is our Almighty. We believe in You and trust in the Kingdom of Heaven. Accept the souls of our relatives (names), and guide us on the true path, but deliver us from evil, impure thoughts, anger and grief irrelevant. Let us rejoice together so that the souls of loved ones ascend to You.


May 9, commemoration of all the dead warriors takes place. This great day is celebrated throughout the country. Celebrating the main holiday of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, all Orthodox Christians pray for the souls of the defenders who fell in battle.

Also in the liturgy all the servicemen who gave their lives for the human race, for its prosperity and well-being are mentioned.

June 3 — Trinity parental Saturday. It is also celebrated on the eve of fasting just like meat-empty. A memorial service (night vigil) is held on this day, where people pray for the souls of all deceased Orthodox Christians since the creation of the world.

The great martyrs are mentioned, who received death from unbelievers, not departing from their faith in Jesus Christ. This day also precedes the feast of the Trinity, or, as it is also called, Pentecost.

October 28 — Dmitrievskaya parental Saturday. The holiday is named in honor of Dmitry Solunsky, the holy great martyr. This day was originally set aside to commemorate the dead warriors who fought at the Kulikovo battle.

Now Dmitriyev’s parental Saturday is the day of commemoration of all deceased Orthodox Christians.

Every Orthodox Christian sacredly honors church holidays and spends time in prayers. They open the soul to the Lord, purify the mind and help us enter the righteous path. Words emanating from the heart always find a response in Heaven, therefore the place for prayer words does not play a huge role.

You can also pray at home in front of holy images, by candlelight or simply at the moment of weakness and doubt. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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