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New Year signs and traditions: what must be done in the New Year

New Year signs and traditions: what must be done in the New Year

Happy New Year is associated with many interesting and important traditions that must be observed. Do not lose sight of the signs that will help you avoid troubles and troubles next year.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the New Year is a special holiday, because it is for this event that we begin to prepare in just a few weeks. To make New Year’s Eve unforgettable, you need to prepare for it in advance. Every year we decorate the Christmas tree, decorate the house and remember recipes for New Year’s dishes.

These efforts do not give us too much discomfort, because for many years it has become a real tradition.

Do not forget that many miracles occur at this time, and some accidents may warn us about important events that will soon happen in life. The team at the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you about the New Year traditions and signs that are important for everyone to know.

New Year’s traditions

The new year is celebrated since ancient times, but the date of the holiday was different. Only in 1700 Peter I issued a special decree in which it was said that the holiday was officially postponed to January 1. Since then, many wonderful traditions have arisen associated with this magical event.

Despite the fact that in the modern world we often celebrate the New Year with friends, it is customary to celebrate this holiday with family. Under the chiming clock, you must congratulate your loved ones and thank them for everything they did for you in the outgoing year.

Think over your New Year’s menu in advance, as there should be a large variety of dishes on the table. Guests must go away from you well fed, otherwise next year poverty will not be over.

Each year, recipes for New Year’s dishes are becoming more and more, but do not forget the traditions: “Olivier”, “Herring under a fur coat” and aspic fish must be present at your table.

Until now, the main drink on the New Year’s table is champagne. Even Peter I introduced the tradition to drink alcohol on New Year’s Eve. At the time of the feast, many guests came to the king, but not everyone could endure a similar feast with lots of alcohol.

It is on December 31 that we begin to actively prepare for the coming of the New Year. On this day, you need to get rid of old things, prepare a New Year’s table and, of course, congratulate all your loved ones and give them gifts.

Now we can not imagine the New Year without the Christmas tree. The tree must be purchased in advance and decorate it with various toys, tinsel or rain. To give your Christmas tree a more natural look, use cones or berries as decorations.

Chiming clock — a truly magical moment. It is in these seconds that you should have time to make a wish and be sure to believe that it will be fulfilled.

For a long time it was believed that if, under the chiming clock, write your desire on a piece of paper, burn it and mix it in a glass with champagne, and then drink everything, then it will be fulfilled.

In Russia, at the end of the festive feast, unmarried girls collected the remnants of dinner, wrapped them in white cloth, put them under the pillow, and touted their betrothed. After this, the future bridegroom was supposed to dream them in a dream.

After a fun new year’s night, waking up early is very difficult. However, it is believed that the earlier you wake up on January 1, the happier you will be in the new year.

If on New Year’s Eve you have a good dream, then after waking up say “come true”, and then next year it will surely be fulfilled.

New Year omens

Very often people do not pay attention to what is happening around them. You may not believe the signs, but many of them are truly true signs of fate.

On New Year’s Eve in your house there should not be a single thing with which you have bad memories, otherwise in the next year you will have a lot of trouble.

Having a baby on January 1 is a good sign. To make his fate happy, on the same day, some of the close relatives of the baby need to go to the temple and pray for the newborn, and then feed the poor.

If on New Year’s Eve you have an outfit with pockets, they should not be empty, otherwise next year you will face financial difficulties.

To avoid a lack of money, try to distribute debts even before the New Year. And ask the debtors to do the same.

If on the New Year’s Eve you found a toy on the street, it means that next year wait for replenishment in the family.

Even if at the time of the holiday unexpected guests came to you, meet them cordially. Thus, you will attract prosperity to your home, and next year will be comfortable for you.

If next year you do not want to face financial problems, then at the celebration your appearance should be tidy. Therefore, on New Year’s Eve, choose the best outfit from your wardrobe and meet the New Year in it.

It is believed that if you accidentally break your holiday outfit at the very moment of the holiday, this promises a passionate but fleeting affair.

If you have planned a haircut for December 31, it is better to cancel it. It is believed that otherwise the hair will be rare, and the new hairstyle will not please.

During the holiday, you cannot swear with your loved ones, otherwise in the future there will be a strong discord in the family.

A few minutes before the chiming clock, pour water into a mug and wash your face, and then leave it in the yard or on the balcony. If in the morning of January 1, the mug will be with a smooth surface, wait for luck. If it has a crack, there may be difficulties.

On New Year’s Eve, knock with a spoon on the table and say: “There is a lot of food on the table, and there will be a lot of money in my wallet”. Then the whole year you will live in abundance.

If before the New Year you saw your enemy, then next year you will have a new enemy.

Sometimes we are so passionate about the New Year troubles that we may even forget to congratulate our loved ones. If this happens to you, a traitor will appear in the circle of your friends. To avoid this problem, call loved ones and congratulate them.

If on December 31 you met a blind man on the street, expect global change. You may look at life differently and want to change jobs or move.

Even on New Year’s Eve, small troubles can happen to us. For example, if a toy suddenly fell from your Christmas tree and broke, then in the new year you will have conflicts with your loved one.

Many people prefer to celebrate the New Year with friends. If next year you want to establish a personal life, then the first person with whom you speak after the chiming clock must be of the opposite sex.

A candle must be lit on the New Year’s table, and then in the future harmony will always reign in your home.

In order to have a stable financial situation in the New Year, hang a few bills on the Christmas tree and place coins under it.

On the morning of January 1, collect clean snow and bring it home. In the evening, wash with melt water. It is believed that after such a ritual a person will definitely not be deprived of attention from the opposite sex.

Couples in love should definitely kiss under the chiming clock, and then in the future the love union will become even stronger.

Before the holiday, congratulate all the neighbors to never swear at them.

Every person dreams of finding wealth and finding love. You can do this in the near future if you put a Christmas tree in a certain sector of your home. We wish you good luck and happiness in your personal life, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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