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New Year’s Eve: New Year’s Church Calendar

New Year’s Eve: New Year’s Church Calendar

In the church tradition, the new year is called the New Year, and it is celebrated in the fall due to the interesting holiday history. Start the church year correctly by learning more about this day.

Church calendar: holiday New Year

The new year not only dates the end of a long time period for a person, but also symbolically turns out to be the end of the old and the beginning of a new cycle. The church calendar also has such a holiday, which is called the New Year. It is celebrated annually on September 14 (September 1 in the old style).

On this day, believers fulfill one of the precepts in the Bible: each seventh month of the year is celebrated in a special way. Considering that the beginning of the year according to the Bible was considered to be March, September was the seventh month. On this day, a believer needs to attend the service, but remember that there are rules of conduct in the temple and signs of what cannot be done in the church in any case.

Holiday History

The holiday itself is directly related to ancient Rome and the collection of tributes. Initially, the so-called indiction was established, which as a result began to mark a 15-year gap through which tribute was collected. Day of gathering appointed on September 1.

Subsequently, the same day was celebrated as the beginning of the new year: feasts and celebrations were held in all cities.

This day was adopted by the Byzantine church as a holiday of the 7th month of the year and officially became the beginning of the new year in the Church. After the adoption of Christianity, this tradition remained in the Russian Orthodox Church, even after Emperor Peter I changed the civil calendar and announced the beginning of a new year on January 1.

Church traditions in the New Year

Of course, like any church holiday, this day is celebrated with worship services. In importance, this day belongs to the average church holidays. On the eve of the great vespers, which priests recommend to attend.

Traditionally, the lines are read from the book of the prophet Isaiah, which according to tradition Jesus Christ read, going into the synagogue in Nazareth.

Also September 14 is considered the day of memory of the holy martyr Simeon Stylites. He was known for preaching and praying, climbing a tower or a pillar. According to legend, Simeon the Stylite from his youthful years tortured his body in all possible ways and was even tempted by the devil.

The day of his death is September 1, therefore in the church he is sure to offer prayers. If you cannot go to worship on that day, then read the prayers at home. One of the most important prayers on New Year’s Day is the “Living Aid” prayer.

Folk customs and omens September 14

As usual, the people adapted the Christian holiday so that it could be understood. It is customary to call him Simeon the Plumber, and, as the name implies, on this day the peasants performed ceremonies, as if meeting the autumn. In some places ritual getting of “live fire” was performed by rubbing a stick against a stick, and in some places rites were associated with a stove.

All actions were accompanied by fun songs and youth dances.

In some places, a fly was traditionally buried to prevent biting next year. The same could be done with cockroaches, so that they were not in the house. It was considered a happy move to a new home that day. At the same time a day before the new owners began to live there, let the cat or the rooster.

It was believed that they will show off all evil spirits. From this day Indian summer was counted, and new wedding weeks began for young people.

There is a sign that as the year begins, so it will be. You can use it and for a long time to attract luck with the help of tips from the famous psychic Elena Yasevich. Do not forget to visit the church on this day. All the best and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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