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New Year’s Eve according to the church calendar

New Year’s Eve according to the church calendar

On the feast of the New Year is now remembered not so often. And it is in vain — after all, this is the New Year according to the church calendar. There are special rituals dedicated to this date, and the rules by which the Orthodox Church celebrates the New Year at the present time.

The origin of the holiday

The first mention of the New Year can be found in the history of the Romans. One day, a certain emperor issued a decree to impose a tax on the population. This tax was taken for a certain period of time, which received the original name «indiction».

With the passage of time, after many transformations and translations into different languages, the indiction was renamed to New Year.

But also this holiday is considered church. According to tradition, it was celebrated on September 14, and according to the old calendar, the date was on September 1. It is from this month that the New Year began, and it is with this month that many events are described that are described in the Old Testament. It says that the Lord called to celebrate the New Year just in September.

In those days, chronology began in March, the month, and September just turned out to be the seventh in a row.

In September, water began to flow away from Noah’s Ark, and everyone who was inside was able to set foot on the ground on Mount Ararat. And the prophet Moses in the same month was gifted with the sacred writings on the Law of God. The icons in honor of this event depicted Christ, who is in Nazareth, surrounded by his followers.

In Russia, this day was decided to celebrate with offerings of alms to those in need. Beggars who prayed for help that day received it in full. They were offered the necessary clothes and a hearty, delicious lunch.

Ordinary people exchanged gifts and gifts.

It was on this day that it was customary to represent the heir to the throne, at the time of his coming of age. It would seem that with the coming to power of Peter I, who, by his decree, transferred the celebration of the New Year to January 1, they should have forgotten about the holiday. But the tradition has been preserved by the church, and festive services are held in our days.

The meeting of the new year in September is guessed not only in the church services. It was in this month that the students of parochial schools came to the first lesson, and later the other educational institutions took over the tradition of starting a new school year in September. This rule continues to this day.

How to celebrate the New Year

This day since ancient times was also called the Day of the Seeds of the Plumber. At this time, they organized a summer off and were preparing for the New Year. It was on Semenov’s day that long-term deals were made, debtors were paying off debts, and new business began.

There were also ceremonies for boys, so that they would grow up healthy and strong men. For this, children who have reached the age of four cut off some hair on a temechka, which were then sewn into the amusement by the mother. After that, the boy was put on a horse, thus personifying the maturing of the child.

In the evening of the last day of the outgoing year, they extinguished candles in their huts and did not light a fire until the New Year. But the next day, when it was believed that the year had already come, they kindled the furnaces and kept the fire in the hearth as long as possible, since it was considered a new fire, bringing wealth to the house. It was from this evening that women began the period of homework, when they sat down to sew embroidery or spun yarn.

There were many people among the people who would accept what the harvest would be or what the winter would be. There was even a custom burial of insects. It was believed that if this day to bury the flies, then a whole year they will not appear in this house. The ceremony was conducted by young girls.

They cut out from a turnip or carrot a semblance of a small coffin, put insects there and covered it with a symbolic lid, which was cut earlier. Then comic funerals were held, at which there was more fun than tears. At this time, young people watched the girls and chose their favorite.

After such a comic ritual, general festivities began. People went to visit each other with treats and spices.

It is very important in our time to remember history and honor traditions. And which holidays to celebrate, you decide. After all, the most important thing is belief in oneself or the Higher Forces. So do not miss the New Year in the September calendar, do not forget to press the buttons and

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