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Natalia Pravdina: what to do to start the day well

Natalia Pravdina: what to do to start the day well

The right morning is the key to a successful career and optimistic attitude to life. Learn how to quickly recharge your strength and energy to achieve your goals. Simple methods for every day.

Psychic Natalia Pravdina advises not to forget the main rule — as you start the morning, you will spend the day in the future. There are effective recommendations for improving well-being and mood in the first half hour after waking up.

What makes a good start to the day

Most people wake up with a bad mood. Doctors explain this hormonal disruption during sleep, when the internal systems of the body are rebuilt under the rest. Simple, but effective techniques will help bring the body to the senses.

A surge of adrenaline will help to cause bright colors, if you immediately look at them after sleep. A picture on the wall in orange-red tones or a bright pillow will do. Getting out of bed, put on home clothes in rich colors. Go to the kitchen and drink half a glass of pomegranate juice.

So «turn on» areas of the brain responsible for activity.

To start the day well, immediately normalize the fluid balance in the body. Drink 250 ml of water. Remember that lack of fluid causes emotional and physical decline.

Choose a time for a short morning charge. This will get rid of the negatives that have accumulated overnight, especially if nightmares were dreamed up. Increased blood flow will trigger the release of endorphins — pleasure hormones, and you will immediately feel better.

What you need to remember starting a new day

One of the most common problems that can spoil the mood — an alarm clock. Having heard the call, many people try to postpone time in order to carve out for themselves 10-15 minutes of additional sleep. It is not right.

It’s impossible to get enough sleep anyway, because you are already tuned in to a second alarm signal. It is better to try not to fall asleep again, but to visualize any, even the smallest pleasant events that can be expected during the day. So it will be much easier to overcome laziness.

Spread the curtains and, if it’s sunny outside, look out the window for a few minutes. Sunlight prevents the generation of melanin — this hormone immerses you with sleep, and activates serotonin — it is responsible for a positive mood. When you wake up after dark, in bad weather or in winter, turn on the light immediately.

Natalia Pravdina attaches great importance to the first hour of the day. This is the time when a person subconsciously meets with his inner self to prioritize. Try to avoid unnecessary information — do not turn on the TV or computer, so as not to be upset or angry about the news. You need to focus on your own feelings, especially at breakfast.

Feel the pleasant taste of what you eat and the aroma of the drink you drink at breakfast.

Before you go out, say the affirmations. So called positive slogans that set the general mood for the day. Natalia Pravdina advises, for example, the following: “My life is a series of happy and interesting events. I am a unique person! ”

A good mood in the morning will provide you with physical and creative activity throughout the day. It is much easier to solve complex problems when you are calm and confident in your abilities. Be healthy, happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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