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Nail polish on the lunar calendar in February

Haircut nails on the lunar calendar in February of the year

Well-groomed appearance not only has people to you, but also allows you to maintain a great mood. Use the recommendations of astrologers to always be on top.

Nails attach great importance, because they reflect not only the appearance and style, but also show the state of human health. So that your state of health is always excellent, use the phases of the moon to your advantage. Take care not only of your appearance: keep yourself fit and do not forget about a balanced diet.

Cut nails into days that are most suitable for such procedures, and then luck will not leave you.

Favorable and unfavorable days for nail clipping

1st of February: The waning moon, which moved to the constellation of Leo, will be a good time for trimming the nails. By changing the shape of the nail plate, you can get rid of negative thoughts.

February 2-3: nail clipping while the moon is in the constellation Virgo is undesirable. Astrologers recommend changing the color of lacquer, but not changing the shape of nails, so as not to forget important details that will help you in your work.

February 4-5: The moon in conjunction with the constellation Libra will also be a bad time for a radical change in the length of the nails. 4 numbers cutting the tips of the nails can cause problems with the appearance of the nails. On the 5th, filing is possible, but beware of infection.

February 6-8: these days the moon will turn into the constellation of Scorpio. Cutting nails would be inappropriate. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend using February 6 and 7 for firming procedures, and on the 8th, changing the shape of the nails, shortening their length a little.

February 9-10: Astrologers recommend these days to do home nail care. A small cropping will help you cope with difficulties in the business sphere of life, and the rounded shape of nails will relieve from the desire to enter into conflicts and be nervous in vain.

February 11-13: nail cutting is timed to the 12th or 13th of February. On the 11th, you risk “cutting off” your path to financial well-being. You can attract material luck in your life with green and yellow shades of lacquer.

February 14-15: the constellation of Aquarius in conjunction with the waning moon will invigorate active life. In this regard, any manipulation of the nails will be appropriate. Short haircut is worth those who want to get rid of close attention to his person.

February 16-18: February 17 cutting the nails is possible. On the 18th, do not cut them too short to eliminate bad luck in your personal life. During the New Moon, which will be held on February 16, give your nails a rest and use the care products.

February 19-20: under the influence of Aries, the mood can change several times a day. If you need to bring feelings of harmony, cut the marigolds, but do not make them sharp in order to exclude an aggressive attitude.

February 21-22: these days, the growth of the moon will have a positive effect on mood, and the constellation Taurus will help focus on work. Keep yourself in good shape, you can with the help of nail cutting.

February 23-24: On the 23rd, you will be able to give a new shape to your marigolds, but astrologers recommend avoiding excessive cutting. So you can provoke indisposition. February 24 The moon in Gemini will not share positive energy for the care of the marigold.

February 25-26: The moon in Cancer will provide an opportunity to trim the nails and change the shape of the nail plate. Strengthen your nails with proven oils to eliminate fragility and delamination. In the evening, it will be helpful to have a firming hand massage and care for the cuticle.

February 27-28: under the influence of the Moon in Leo, nail clipping is possible. However, extremely short marigolds can make you want to throw out all the aggression on the offender, thereby triggering a serious conflict.

To look great, make up and cut nails is not enough. Astrologers recommend using the phases of the moon in order to always be in good shape, as well as to coincide with the changing phases of diet and exercise. Keep fit and stay just as beautiful. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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