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Nail clipping on the lunar calendar in March

Nail clipping on the lunar calendar in March

Recommendations of the lunar calendar will help you to maintain a wonderful mood and not lose luck. Use the energy of the night lights to always stay on top and attract admiring glances.

March is the month of renewal of energy and setting new goals. To make all your plans a reality, and failures there was no place in life, correlate nail care with the lunar calendar. Maintain a beautiful appearance and do not forget about proper nutrition.

Keep your daily routine and exercise in good shape.

Favorable and unfavorable days for nail clipping

March 1-2: these days the moon is in Virgo. 1 number of nail clipping will save you from problems in the business sphere. During the Full Moon on March 2, astrologers recommend mowing nails in order to establish family relationships.

In addition, shortening the nail plate will make you invulnerable to negative energy from the outside.

March 3-5: The moon begins to decrease and enters the constellation of Libra. These days, according to astrologers, will be successful for changing the shape of nails. Haircut would be appropriate if you want to get rid of custody and start your own path to success.

March 6-7: the constellation of Scorpio will not bring you good luck. If you decide to cut your nails, then be prepared for problems and troubles. Astrologers recommend devoting these days to caring for marigolds without disturbing them with tools.

March 8-10: the waning moon in Sagittarius will ambiguously influence mood. March 9 and 10, nail clipping is possible, but on the 8th it is worth refraining from any manipulations so that your nails do not begin to exfoliate.

March 11-12: under the influence of Capricorn nail clipping will bring you a long-awaited acquaintance with attractive people. On the 12th, the new manicure and the rounded shape of the marigold will make it possible to begin a romantic relationship.

March 13-15: under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius, many will have a chance to improve their financial situation. To get money luck these days, you can use mowing of regrown nails. Use the services of a proven wizard to exclude bacteria on the nails.

March 16-17: in the period when the night light will be in the constellation Pisces, astrologers recommend to stop cutting the nails. Such manipulations can cause headaches and discomfort.

March 18-19: haircut nails under the influence of the Aries constellation will restore self-confidence, and also allow you to get rid of timidity and doubt. Visit a competent wizard to give your nails the desired shape.

March 20-21: Winning the nail plates and giving them a rounded shape will help to win success and bring material success to life. The beneficial effect of the rising moon in Taurus will give you strength and confidence.

March 22-23: This period will be harmful for cutting nails. If you do not want your nails to lose strength, then during the Moon’s stay in Gemini, give preference to hand care with the use of oils.

March 24-26: Manicure and pedicure these days will help you cope with everyday difficulties. Short nails will relieve unnecessary thoughts and allow you to focus on the essentials. Under the influence of Cancer Sign, nail clipping will be unsuccessful only on Monday.

March 27-28: The moon in Leo is the time to get rid of diseases and ailments. Trimming the nails will give you back strength. You can do a manicure not only in the salon, but also on your own.

March 29-30: The moon enters the constellation Virgo, and the manicure will be inappropriate. Avoid any manipulation of the nails and do not cut them. Otherwise, you can damage your energy defense and become easy prey for energy vampires and manipulators.

March 31: during the Full Moon, you can perform any manipulations with the nails. Libra constellation will communicate positive energy, which will help you to achieve success in your personal life, as well as in the business field.

Our ancestors believed that cutting nails was worth it on certain days of the week so that luck would always stay with you. Like it or not, you can check on your own experience. We wish you always stay in a great mood, be on the wave of success, and do not forget to press buttons and

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