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Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day in Russia is celebrated on the last Sunday of November. This day falls on November 30th. Mother’s Day is approved in almost all countries of the world, and it is not surprising, because for every person, regardless of his nationality, mother is the most important person in life.

Mother’s Day in Russia appeared relatively recently. In 1998, a decree was instituted to celebrate Mother’s Day. According to the wording of the decree, this holiday was created to increase the social significance of motherhood.

For all these years, this holiday has become one of the favorite among the Russians.

The main tradition on Mother’s Day is family reunion in the parental home. On this holiday, it is pleasant to gather with the whole family at the same table and to honor the mothers. Congratulations on Mother’s Day should not be loud and stereotyped — mom has enough manifestations of care and simple words of love.

Tell her how important she is to you and the road. Wish long life and health. Emphasize also that you are always ready to come to her aid and support her in difficult times.

Pay maximum attention to your mother on this important day. Do not forget about the gift. If you want to please your mother with something special, then make a gift for Mother’s Day with your own hands.

This can be a beautiful card with words of gratitude, a presentation with photos from the family archive, and of course, do not forget about the flowers! Still, as a rule, the most pleasant gift for mothers is the happiness of her children. It is in this that the very essence of motherhood is revealed — to make your child happy, to rejoice at his successes and victories, to be proud of his child, regardless of his age.

More often surround your mother with care and love, and not just on one day — Mother’s Day. Time passes unnoticed, and sometimes it seems to us that mother will always be with us. But at the most unexpected moment it may turn out that the main words have not been spoken, and the promises are not restrained. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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