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Money talisman for the year do it yourself

Money talisman for the year do it yourself

The beginning of the new year is the time when you can charge any object with necessary energy and make yourself a talisman. And for 365 days he will serve you faithfully.

Many people think that you can activate talismans and make wishes only on New Year’s Eve itself. However, this is not quite true. Of course, it is in the period from December 31 to January 1 that the energy of the Higher Forces has a maximum concentration, but one should not forget about other days.

Christmas, Old New Year and Baptism — all significant festivals are accompanied by energy growth, which will help you charge the desired amulet.

Money talisman can take any form — it all depends on your desires and preferences. But do not forget about the traditional symbols of wealth, which will enhance the effectiveness of the amulet. If you are just starting to practice creating talismans, esoteric people advise you not to use a thing that does not fall into your hands, but something that is associated with money.

Or, for the strongest effect, resort to the image of the hostess of the year.

Since the year will be under the control of the Fire Monkey, then a talisman resembling this animal will be an ideal option. And given the preferences of the Monkey, it can be enhanced by the Element of Fire, red flowers and other suitable things.

Making money talisman for the year

For making you need a wire, a small piece of natural skin, durable red thread, buttons or other objects that can be used to imitate the eyes of an animal.

Some compare hand-crafted talismans with black voodoo, which also uses figures. In this case, you have nothing to fear, because in your amulet you will invest only the bright energy of New Year’s celebrations and your own intention to become rich. That is why such things are usually done during the Christian holidays: their clean energy will not only help achieve the desired, but will also protect against evil forces throughout the year.

Take the wire in your hand and bend it. You should have a cross base. Wind the skin on this basis as you see fit. The same material can act as an animal head.

No need to limit your imagination: you can make long hair out of threads or fold the skin in the form of a hood.

Next, attach a red thread belt to it. It will help activate the energy of Fire and protect you from trouble. Find a place for buttons-eyes or replace them with something else.

Your mascot for money is almost ready.

Look at the figure, turn it in your hands, smile and send her a ray of your kindness. After all, your talisman will have to work hard this year to please its owner. If after that you want to change or add something, do it.

After completing the manufacturing process, place the figure between your palms, bring it to your lips and whisper the following phrase: “I give you the power of Heaven and monetary energy. Serve me faithfully, attract abundance and financial well-being. For I am your Creator.


The important point is that during the creation of the money talisman you need to constantly think about your desire and enjoy the creative process itself. Approach this case not only with full responsibility, but also with love. Only then will the amulet begin to work.

If you are planning a serious meeting or need help in a particular case, simply hold the amulet in your hands for a couple of minutes and ask for help. The rest of the time, keep the talisman in a secluded place. Believe in your success, enjoy life and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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