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Memorial Day of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow on May 2

Memorial Day of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow May 2

Matrona of Moscow is known to every Orthodox believer. During her lifetime, the saint helped people with advice and cured diseases. After the death, the power of Matrona of Moscow did not dry out, and the saint continues to help the suffering.

Matrona Moskovskaya is one of the most revered saints. Every year, pilgrims seek to get to the place of her burial, offer prayers and leave little notes with wishes. From her grave it is customary to take a particle of the earth, which subsequently protects people and the house from any adversity.

The relics of the holy Matrona rest in the Pokrovsky Monastery of Moscow. Everyone can descend to them and receive the blessing of the Higher Forces. Matrona before her death said that anyone who comes to her with sincere prayer will receive all possible help and protection from her.

Life of Matrona of Moscow

Matron was born in 1885 blind. The family decided to send the girl to a shelter so that she would not become a burden for them. However, the Lord did not allow this and sent Matrona’s mother a vision in which she saw a dove healing people from diseases. The parents left the thought of saying goodbye to their child, and in the future thanked the Lord more than once for this decision.

The matron brought fame and honor to the family by helping all the grace bestowed by the Lord.

The Lord has endowed the girl, born of the eyeless, with the strength of spirit and the ability to heal. From an early age, she accepted the sick and cured them with Orthodox prayers. The matron was clairvoyant and more than once warned of impending misfortunes.

She could read the thoughts of everyone who turned to her and helped her find answers to difficult questions.

At the age of 18, Matrona moved to Moscow, where she spent her whole life helping people as much as she could. The blessed saint predicted the future even to the rulers. She knew the date of her own death, but did not fear it at all.

In Orthodoxy, there is a perception that every person who visits the burial place of Matrona and observes the commandments of Orthodoxy will be met with a saint after death and accompanied to the Lord.

Matrona of Moscow Memorial Day

Matron is revered several times. These dates are associated with important moments of the life of the saint. On her birthday, November 22, a festive liturgy takes place, at which believers ask for protection and healing from diseases.

March 8 is the day when the relics of Matrona of Moscow are found. May 2 — the date of the death of the saint. On this day, prayers are also served in Orthodox churches and temples.

On the same date Matrona was canonized.

On these days, believers strive to get into churches in order to pray to the Matrona of Moscow, share their problems with it and receive blessings. Also at this time, many pilgrims go to Moscow to personally honor the memory of the saint, thank her, and be sure to ask for help in urgent matters.

On May 2, believers will rush to churches and churches to honor the memory of the great saint, to offer her prayers. Everyone will be helped by Matronushka, who will find the strength to fight the evil within himself, will live a righteous life and will not build intrigues to those around him. I wish you health and well-being, and do not forget to press buttons and

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