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Memorial Day of St. Seraphim of Sarov, January 15

Memorial Day of St. Seraphim of Sarov, January 15

On January 15, all believers will worship the memory of Seraphim of Sarov, a saint whose life was an example of piety, love of neighbor and devotion to the Lord. The earthly way of St. Seraphim was thorny, but difficulties and troubles did not make him turn away from the light and only strengthened his faith in God’s providence.

Seraphim of Sarov is one of the most revered and beloved Russian saints. To the place of his burial — the Seraphim-Diveevsky monastery — many pilgrims flock every year, wanting to venerate the relics of the saint in order to find healing and peace of mind. The memory of the saint is honored twice a year: on August 1, the Orthodox world celebrates the acquisition of the relics of the saint, January 15 marks the date of his death.

The life path of Seraphim Sarovsky

Perepodobny Seraphim was born at the end of the 19th century in Kursk. His family was very wealthy, but the Seraphim from childhood was indifferent to earthly goods and sought a secluded life. Even then, he was marked by the seal of high purpose: having fallen from the bell tower at a very young age, the saint survived.

A few years later, another test fell to young Seraphim: a serious illness seized him. According to legend, at that time his mother was the Mother of God, who announced the imminent recovery of the young man. Seraphim attached to the icon with the image of the Virgin Mary, and the disease left him.

Upon reaching the age of seventeen, the saint decided to finally abandon worldly life and take monastic vows. The mother made his decision, blessing him with a copper cross, which subsequently accompanied the saint throughout her life.

After several years in the monastery, Seraphim was promoted to the rank of hieromonk. After some time, he decided to take on the feat of desertification. The saint built a solitary cell in the forest, far from any human habitation, and spent his days in unceasing prayer.

The devil tried to lead the saint away from the righteous path, constantly tempting him, and Seraphim decided to aggravate the spiritual work: day and night he stood on a stone with his hands raised to heaven, offering hot prayers to the Lord. This went on for a thousand days and nights. However, the demonic forces did not stop at this: the robbers attacked the Monk Seraphim, heavyly beating and robbing the saint.

However, the Virgin Mary again healed mortal wounds. Seraphim himself sincerely forgave his offenders.

After his recovery, Seraphim made a vow of silence for three years. For his great Christian exploits, the saint was rewarded with the gift of insight and healing, thanks to which, after a long seclusion, he rendered help to anyone who addressed him.

The news of the holy Seraphim of Sarov spread all over Russia. People came to him for help, instruction, advice and comfort. Once a saint was even visited by a royal family.

The righteous found the right words for everyone, and people left him in great joy.

The saint died during a prayer in front of the icon «Affection», which he especially loved and honored all his life. It is said that after the burial on his grave miracles began to occur.

Celebration of the day of memory of Seraphim of Sarov, January 15

On January 15, solemn divine services will be held in all churches and cathedrals to celebrate the memory of the saint. On this day, believers offer prayers to St. Seraphim for healing, spiritual enlightenment, and help in earthly life and deeds. It is believed that thanks to the prayer to the saint, you can understand your purpose, find the right path.

Those who do not have the opportunity to attend church services, on January 15, should pray to Rev. Seraphim at home. This can be done in front of the icon of Seraphim of Sarov, or in front of the image of the Virgin «Affection», because it was her saint that he revered in life most of all.

On January 15 of the year, do not forget to congratulate the acquaintances of the Seraphim — on this memorable date all the men bearing such a name celebrate the name day.

The patron saints always provide assistance to all who need it. In difficult times of life, turn to the light, and problems will surely be overcome. And prayers for good luck will help to make every day auspicious and joyful. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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