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Memorial Day of St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga July 24

Memorial Day of St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga July 24

The Kyivan ruler Olga, the first of the Russian princes to be baptized, is revered in the Orthodox world as an intercessor and propagator of the Orthodox faith in Russia.

On July 24, the church remembers the Holy Princess Olga, the wife of Grand Duke Igor and the wise ruler who fought for the welfare of her people. After the death of her husband, she took the reins and brought up the future Prince Svyatoslav. In the history, Olga had the reputation of a wise ruler who helped Kievan Rus to get on her feet and expanded the boundaries of her possessions with the help of her son, who often went on military campaigns.

The story of Princess Olga

The princess was the first to adopt Orthodoxy, but she did not depart from worldly affairs, and with even greater zeal and God’s help began to improve life in her principality. She was introduced a new system of collecting taxes, due to which there have been many improvements in the field of trade. During the reign of Olga, many cities were fortified, the border of Kievan Rus was laid, the construction of the first stone buildings began.

In church documents there is a mention of the adoption of Christianity by Olga, which took place between 955 and 957 years. In the new religion, she received the name of Helen, under which she baptized Patriarch Theophylact.

After adopting a new religion, Olga returned to Kiev and ordered the construction of Orthodox churches and temples into which people began to come in, imbued with confidence in the new religion. Modern Kievites owe the princess for the construction of St. Sophia Cathedral. His princess Olga laid during her reign and dedicated to the memory of St. Sophia.

The wooden cathedral underwent changes and was rebuilt after a fire, when Olga’s great-grandson Yaroslav the Wise ordered to erect a stone church on the site of a fire.

Holy Princess Olga was buried in 969 according to the Christian rite. She was listed as a saint in the sixteenth century, and she became one of six women who were honored to be canonized by the church.

Honoring Princess Olga

Every year on July 24, the liturgy dedicated to the memory of the Kiev princess Olga is celebrated. She is the patroness of all Christians, especially those who have just come to faith and have completed the sacrament of baptism. The greatest number of pilgrims per day of memory is observed in Pskov, a city that is considered the birthplace of this saint.

Before the icon of St. Olga pray the widows and mothers of sons, whose children serve in the defense of our country. They ask for the protection and protection of the mother of all children, praying for the health and well-being of their children. The prayers of the saint help to strengthen in faith and to resist any evil.

Olga Equal to the Apostles is considered the patroness of all those who bear such a name, and the icon with a holy face will be the best gift for them. Everyone can bring up prayer words from a pure heart on this day:

“Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga, accept sincere prayers from the servant of God (name), humbly standing before your face. Save and help, saint, deliver from sorrow and misfortune, protect from enemies and pray before the Lord for my children. Grant me strength in faith and mercy, so that I may continue to glorify our Lord Almighty and rely on his magnanimity.


On this day, each mother can protect her child from any adversity by offering prayers for protection and patronage to the Highest Forces. The priests urge everyone to abandon the curses and spend the day with his family, asking the Lord for mercy. We wish you happiness and health, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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