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Memorial Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius on May 24

Memorial Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius May 24

Every year on May 24, Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of memory of two great enlighteners — Cyril and Methodius. The holiday has not only religious, but also secular meaning: on this date the Day of Slavic literature and culture is celebrated.

history of the holiday

Saints Cyril and Methodius were born in the city of Thessalonica, in a righteous and gifted earthly goods Greek family. Among the seven children, Methodius was the most adult, and Cyril the youngest child. Both brothers from their youth were distinguished by extraordinary talents and talents, but initially they chose different ways of using them.

Methodius devoted himself to military service. Noticing the remarkable abilities of a warrior, the king put him at the head of one of the Slavic armies. Later, many saw God’s providence: being among the Slavs, Methodius was able to better understand the characteristics of their language and culture, which played an important role in its subsequent development as an educator and mentor.

After a decade, Methodius decided to abandon his military career and devote himself to the spiritual service: he took monastic vows and retired from worldly concerns, focused on the performance of a monastic vow and the study of holy books.

Since childhood, Kirill showed brilliant talents in the study of secular sciences and religious and moral disciplines. Already in his youth, he took the priesthood. Unusual eloquence, brilliant mind and great faith allowed Cyril to win multiple victories over the heretics, thanks to which he gained the love and respect of the emperor, who later trusted him with extremely important spiritual missions.

One of these missions was the trip of Cyril and Methodius to Moravia. In the ninth century, the ambassadors of the Moravian Prince Rostislav came to the emperor, asking to send to his state those who could read sermons in the Slavic language. It was decided to entrust this to the enlightened brothers with a group of students.

As a result of the mission, Cyril created the Slavic alphabet, and also translated into the Old Slavonic language the sacred books necessary for worship.

The origins of the celebration of the day of commemoration of Cyril and Methodius on May 24 in a new style date back to the 12th century. In ancient times, this tradition was supported by all Slavic peoples, but later, for various reasons, the celebration was eliminated. The tradition was revived in the second half of the nineteenth century.

And in 1991 a corresponding secular holiday was established — the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture.

Memorial Day of Cyril and Methodius

In the temples in honor of the holiday a special solemn service is held, during which special glorifying holy brothers prayers are read. Believers necessarily attend church services: on this day, it is customary to pray to Cyril and Methodius for help in teaching, for strengthening the faith, for finding their purpose and the true path.

On May 24, various social events are held in honor of the Day of Slavic Literature: scientific conferences, exhibitions, presentations, and concerts dedicated to the memory of the invaluable contribution that Cyril and Methodius made to the development of Slavic culture.

Enlist the support of the Higher Forces on this day by reading a prayer in front of the icon of Cyril and Methodius. It is believed that it especially helps those who are in the process of learning. Appreciate the rich cultural heritage that we inherited, honor the important dates of the church calendar and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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