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Memorial Day of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky December 6

Memorial Day of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky December 6th

December 6 is a great day for all Orthodox Christians. At this time, each year the great Russian commander pronounced miraculous prayers that save the Russian land even after his death.

On December 6, the Russian people and the Orthodox Church pay tribute to the memory of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, the famous great commander who saved the future of the Russian state. An important achievement of Alexander Nevsky was the peace and well-being of our land.

Why is Memorial Day celebrated on December 6th

The memory of Alexander Nevsky is honored not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the Orthodox and Catholic world. According to the Orthodox calendar, the day of the memory of this saint is December 6, and it’s not by chance. It is known that Nevsky died on November 14, 1263, and was buried in Vladimir on November 23 of the same year.

According to the new style, it is December 6th, therefore on this day the solemn burial of the great commander is celebrated.

There is another important day in Orthodoxy — this was September 12, 1724, when the relics of the savior of the Russian land were transferred from Vladimir to the Russian capital of that time, St. Petersburg. Since that time, this date is also considered an Orthodox holiday.

As noted in memory of Alexander Nevsky

The burial of Alexander Nevsky is celebrated prayerfully. In every Orthodox church, services and liturgies are held, with which Christians pay tribute to St. Alexander for his deeds, without which there would not be that great Russia that can be observed throughout history. He not only saved the Russian people from slavery and humiliation, but also took the monastic vows under the name Alexy.

Officially, Alexander Nevsky was among the saints only in 1547.

Even after his death, Prince Alexander protected Russia from detractors and from misfortunes, appearing before people during the fire of 1491. He also helped Prince Donskoy defeat Mamai; on one night in the church of Saint Demetrius, a certain monk was awake and saw two disembodied figures approach the saint’s tomb and began to pray. Donskoy won a crushing victory over the invaders.

Alexander Nevsky Day

The memory of the Holy Prince is immortalized by the names of churches in his honor in many countries of Europe, in icons depicting his face, as well as in prayers that are read twice in all Orthodox churches — September 12 and the coming day, December 6.

As the story says, many sick or demon-possessed people, while praying in the temple at the relics of the saint, were healed, which was a true miracle, because only the holy relics can cure a serious illness or illness. This shows us that Alexander Nevsky can rightfully be considered the holy keeper of the Russian land, which, as usual, on December 6, will honor his memory by prayers in all churches. Anyone who wishes will have the opportunity to visit the current burial place — the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St. Petersburg, or the original place — the Virgin-Nativity Monastery in Vladimir.

Troparion of Prince Alexander Nevsky

Know your brotherhood, the Russian Joseph, not in Egypt, but reigning in heaven, the blessed Prince Alexander, and accept their prayers, multiplying with your fruit the fruits of your land, protecting your prayers and the Orthodox Christian against resistance, defeating them.

Be strong in soul and face misfortunes and hardships with faith in God and in your own strength. Let the holiday in memory of St. Alexander Nevsky lead you to make the right decisions for your good and the good of your loved ones. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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