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Memorial Day of Boris and Gleb August 6

Memorial Day of Boris and Gleb August 6

There are many saints in the Orthodox religion, which the church annually remembers on certain dates. The veneration of the martyrs Boris and Gleb, whom the parishioners pray, takes place annually on August 6.

Saints Boris and Gleb are patrons of those who were given the same names at birth. These saints help believers to cope with ailments, and also protect them from any evil. Prayers sincerely ascended on August 6 will surely help sufferers solve their problems.

history of the holiday

Princes Boris and Gleb were the first to receive the honor of being canonized by the church not only of the Russian, but also of Constantinople. For their good deeds and the glorification of the Lord, they are honored as healers and defenders of the Fatherland from the attacks of enemies. The brothers were born shortly before the baptism of Rus and were raised by their parents in strictness.

In their youth, the brothers were merciful, spent their days in prayers and helped as much as they could to those who needed support. Prince Boris was a wise ruler of Rostov, cared for the inhabitants of the city and in every way supported the Orthodox faith. Prince Vladimir called him to the Kiev principality to send a military campaign against the Pechenegs, but his brother Svyatopolk questioned Boris’s honesty and ordered him to be killed. Despite the fact that the honest prince of Rostov was warned about the treacherous conspiracy, he met death as befits holy martyrs, offering prayers to the Lord.

After that, Svyatopolk also acted with Gleb, summoning him from the Murom region. Hleb, knowing how much the swine was Svyatopolk and how he did with Boris, he also chose to accept death in order not to go to war with his brother. The slain brothers were wise and patient, so the church recognized them as saints and timed the date of worship to the death of the first of the brothers.

The holy relics of the brothers Boris and Gleb were buried in Vyshgorod, and many evidences of the sacredness of the murdered saints remained in the church records. The miracles that took place at the burial site testified to the true holiness of the martyrs, and the pilgrims, after the ascension of prayers, miraculously got rid of serious ailments. In the annals there is a mention of the fact that princes came to Russian soldiers, helping them in every way to protect the Fatherland, including seeing them before the Kulikovo battle in 1380, and also before the battle on the Neva in 1240.

Holiday Traditions

Brothers are revered in the church three times a year: May 15, when the relics of the saints were transferred to the tomb church; August 6, the day the prince Boris was killed; September 18, when the church honors the memory of Prince Gleb.

On August 6, services are held in churches and temples, during which each parishioner can ask the martyrs for protection and patronage. On this day, the clergy urge believers to abandon quarrels and spend time with their family. Prayers to the saints can also be offered at home by acquiring an icon with their image.

You can pray not only for yourself, but also for all the people living on earth, as well as for the soldiers who protect the Motherland from the penetration of enemies.

“Holy princes Boris and Gleb! Heed my prayer, so do not leave me (the name), a servant of God, without your protection. Help to gain true faith, save from evil and slander and greedy thoughts, do not let them turn away from the true path.

Heal my soul and bodily afflictions, so that I may glorify the Word of God. Amen».

The people have several will take on this day, which help to find good luck and prosperity. So, on Boris and Gleb, they tried to catch a bird with white plumage, so that luck would be there all year round. On a festive day in the morning, prayers are recited that purify the soul from the negative, and then wash themselves with holy water to get rid of the evil eye and damage.

The saints are asked for help in harvesting and granting good weather.

On the feast day of saints, you can visit the church with the whole family to offer a common prayer with all parishioners. Holy words are sure to help find peace of mind and heal from disease. I wish you happiness and health, and do not forget to press buttons and

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