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Memorial Day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, June 6

Memorial Day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, June 6

Saint Xenia of Petersburg — a respectable saint in Orthodoxy. People turn to her the words of prayer in many troubles and sorrows, receiving her immediate support.

Xenia’s life was not easy. Due to the early death of her husband, she grieved for a long time, after which she radically changed her fate. The saint always lived in prosperity, but after a bitter loss, she got rid of everything she had acquired.

Ksenia devoted herself to faith and the Lord, refusing worldly goods. By old age, she had the gift of healing and could look into the future. Gradually, people began to learn about the divine gift of the martyrs, and turned to her for help.

She never refused to anyone, always with kindness and trembling treated everyone who needed her.

Ksenia of Petersburg lived on the street, even though she was offered housing, she never accepted financial assistance. She believed that only by giving up everything you can truly feel the love of the Lord.

Memorial Day of Saint Xenia

memorial day of the blessed martyr falls on June 6th. In Orthodoxy, Ksenia is deeply revered and respected, because she suffered for the Lord for more than a hundred years, sacrificing herself. She wore her husband’s clothes, responded to his name, never took any alms.

Everything that she had, she distributed to the needy, although she herself remained penniless.

Every year, on June 6, many people come to Smolenskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg. They bring flowers, offer prayers in front of the icon of the martyrs and write their wishes on leaflets. People believe that any desire written in the note addressed to Saint Xenia will be fulfilled.

Pilgrims take with them a handful of earth from the grave of Blessed Xenia, who on this day gains healing properties.

In prayers, Orthodox believers turn to the saint with any requests. Someone is asking for absolution, finding harmony and peace of mind. Someone is asking for support and protection, for healing from various diseases and ailments.

Also, people pray for the health of the children, family well-being, protection of the hearth from quarrels and ill-wishers.

Anyone can come on the memorial day of Blessed Xenia to the place of pilgrimage and pray in front of her shrine in the temple. Prayer will help purify the soul, receive blessings, and get rid of the negative. On June 6, every Christian can repent and ask for forgiveness for all sins.

The Most Holy Xenia will help all who sincerely need it. On June 6, honor the memory of Holy Xenia of Petersburg, pray in front of her holy image and cleanse your soul from evil and sorrow. We wish you all the best, strong faith. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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