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Lunar nails cutting in April

Haircut nails on the lunar calendar in April of the year

As you know, beauty depends on many small things in personal care. Properly care for your nails in April will help you recommendations of the lunar calendar.

Well-groomed appearance is directly related to inner harmony. Paying time and attention to your body, you can achieve your goals in a short time, attract the attention of the opposite sex and increase self-confidence. In achieving a balance between inner and outer beauty, meditation, holotropic breathing sessions and just long walks in the fresh air can be a good help.

When to cut your nails in April

April 1: the waning moon in Libra. The first day of the month is an unfavorable time for nail care. The nail plate can be deformed, which will make your hands uncleaned.

April 2-3: The moon will continue to decrease and move to the constellation Scorpio. In these two days, you can take care of the nails and skin of hands without fear of harming their appearance.

April 4-6: Moon in Sagittarius. This three-day period is perfect for hygienic manicure and pedicure.

April 7-8: waning moon in the constellation of Capricorn. Care of nails and cuticle at this time will help you feel confident and get rid of the complexes about the appearance.

April 9-11: Moon in Aquarius. This three-day period is well suited for general care and selection of spring wardrobe, but will not be favorable for nail clipping.

April 12-13: The moon is in the constellation Pisces. At this time, steaming baths, moisturizing cream and the use of firming compositions will perfectly affect the health of your nails.

April 14-15: The moon will leave the constellation Pisces and go under the auspices of the fiery Aries. These two days are not suitable for basic nail care: it is better to postpone the procedure to another time, but to devote the vacant to the sport or walk.

April 16-18: the beginning of a new lunar cycle in Taurus. The New Moon in the constellation of the Earth Sign on April 16 will contribute to an increase in personal energy throughout the entire three-day period. Care of the nail plates at this time significantly improve your body.

April 19-20: growing moon in the constellation Gemini. If you want to accelerate the growth of nails, then they need to be cut at this particular time.

April 21-22: Moon in Cancer. These two days are well suited for any kind of body care: cutting nails and applying nourishing compositions on their surface will have a great effect not only on the appearance of your hands, but also on your general well-being.

April 23-24: growing moon in the constellation Leo. If you cut your nails during this period, they will grow slowly, may begin to break and lose a healthy color.

April 25-26: The moon will continue to grow and move to the constellation of Virgo. This period will have a good effect on health in general, and basic hygiene will help to be filled with the renewed energy of the Moon.

April 27-28: growing moon in Libra. This period may be unfavorable for nail clipping. Specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru warn about the increased risk of injuries and cuts, so try to postpone the procedure to another time.

April 29-30: growing moon in the constellation Scorpio. The second month of spring will end with the Full Moon on April 30. At this time, nail and cuticle hygiene can help get rid of nail diseases.

According to psychics, negative energy can accumulate not only in the nails, but also in the hair. A timely haircut on the lunar calendar will help you get rid of unnecessary energy and thereby maintain your physical and emotional state at a high level. We wish you to remain beautiful and happy. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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