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Lunar haircut in September

Lunar haircut in September

The beauty of the inner world must continue in appearance. Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar haircuts to always be in harmony with each other, and choose the most favorable days to change hairstyles.

Hair has exceptional power that can bring happiness and luck into your life. However, a haircut on unfavorable days other than a spoiled mood may bring you into trouble. Use the tips suggested by the dailyhoro.ru team to bring you only a positive attitude every day.

With their help, you can realize all your talents and opportunities.

Favorable and unfavorable days for hair cutting according to the lunar calendar

September 1-2: these days the moon is in the growth phase and is located in the constellation Capricorn. Days will be successful to visit a stylist with the aim of changing the hairstyle or trimming the ends of the hair. With the help of competent work of the wizard, you will be able to enjoy a new original hairstyle for a long time, and a positive mood will help you to take up the serious tasks actively.

September 3-4: on this lunar day, the moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius. This sign is neutral, so the ladies should not refuse to change the image. Hair after haircut will quickly grow back, so do not count on long-term preservation of the new image.

From September 3 to 4, the manipulations that will bring your curls in order will be successful: nourishing masks, rinsing in infusions of healing herbs.

September 5-7: The moon in Pisces will not be the best time to work with hair. After visiting the barbershop on the 15th lunar day, you can quickly become disillusioned with the result. In the Full Moon on the 6th, use useful hair masks to bring back their strength and brilliance with the help of the positive energy of the Moon.

On the 17th lunar day, a descending luminary can provoke you into negative emotions, so you should refuse a haircut.

September 8-9: The zodiacal Aries gives space stiff and impulsive energy that is suitable for strong spirit people. Brave ladies can go to a beauty salon to change the image. Daring hairstyles and bright hair color will help you achieve what you want in a short time.

September 10-11: The union of the Moon and Taurus has a positive attitude and favorable energy these days. Haircut or trimming tips, changing the image — all this will have a good effect on your mood and well-being. In addition, the new shortened haircut will return you confidence in yourself that it will be successful to perform serious tasks and assignments.

September 12-13: haircut these days according to the lunar calendar will negatively affect the condition of the hair. The moon in Gemini does not bear a positive charge, and your curls can lose strength and brilliance, starting to fizz and fall out. Take time to start caring for your hair, strengthening it with natural balms and masks.

September 14-15: The influence of Cancer these days will weaken your curls, so a haircut should be postponed for a more favorable time. So, these days after the haircut, you may experience problems with hair loss, the appearance of split ends and dandruff. Use these lunar days for proper rest and hair care with the help of professional care products.

September 16-17: Leo constellation will help you achieve success and well-being, giving space a flow of positive energy. In order to stay on top, use the services of a hairdresser and create a unique image, emphasizing your feminine charm and confidence.

September 18-20: The positive influence of Virgo from September 18 to 19 will be a good time to clean up your hair. With the help of a new hairstyle, you will be able to reveal your creative potential, and for a long time enjoy the competent work of a wizard. In the New Moon of the 20th day, give your locks a rest, so as not to injure the hair follicles.

September 21-22: Scales and the growing moon these days will have little impact. This time can be safely devoted to active manipulation of hair, especially those whose curls have weakened and lost color. Haircut and the use of natural masks will restore your hair beauty and elegance.

September 23-24: constellation Scorpio these days will help the owners of thin hair. Under the influence of this Sign, you will be able to return them rigidity and strength by trimming the footed tips. Ladies with thick hair, these days should refuse to change hair so as not to harm the structure of the hair.

September 25-27: Moon growth in Sagittarius will actively influence the hair, causing it to grow much faster than usual. If you plan to change your hairstyle for a long time, then you should refuse from going to the salon. On these days, ladies will need bold and short haircuts for a short time in order to regain their confidence and attract attention from the opposite sex.

September 28-29: constellation Capricorn will help your hair to gain strength and shine. Haircut these days will help keep you friendly and find common ground with people around you. Astrologers recommend to abandon uncommon hairstyles in favor of the classics.

She will help you succeed in a business environment.

September 30th: On this day, the moon will return to the constellation of Aquarius, which will have neutral energy. The site team recommends using September 30 for bold experiments on hair. Short haircuts will add audacity and self-confidence, which will allow you to get rid of envious and detractors.

Use the phases of the moon not only to go to the stylists, but also to achieve well-being. Remember that every day is unique and requires its own strategy. Use the detailed recommendations of the lunar calendar to always be on top. We wish you good luck and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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