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Lunar haircut in May

Haircut on the lunar calendar in May

By spending time with your hair and properly caring for them, you can gain self-confidence, as well as attract love and happiness. A recommendation of the lunar calendar haircuts will help to avoid trouble and fill life with bright colors.

1st of May — if you do not want to start the month with debts and credits, then postpone the update of the hairstyle for another day. In order for the Waning Moon not to draw all the forces out of you, use reliable rituals. By the way, they can contribute to improving not only the monetary situation, but also, for example, figures.

May 2 — Today it is also not recommended to cut hair. This can negatively affect your relationships with people around you and your superiors.

May 3 — you should move the planned trip to the stylist for another day. If you decide to experiment with hair today, you risk getting a serious injury.

May 4th — highlighting this day for a new hairstyle, you can later regret your decision. This concerns not only your chosen image, but also other more important life issues.

5 May — Today is the first day of the month, when you can afford any experiments with hair. Deciding on a dramatic change in hair, you will attract new joyful events.

the 6th of May — if you have an important meeting, then in no case do not cut hair. This would entail the distrust of partners or the disruption of such a long-awaited deal.

May 7 — this day is not suitable for new haircuts, but it is allowed to trim the bangs and split hair. When leaving the house, be careful and pay attention to the signs of the universe.

May 8 — Along with a new hairstyle, this day can bring unpleasant news at work. If you value your career, move to a beauty salon for a more suitable period.

May 9 — today allowed a slight adjustment of hair. This will not only refresh your image, but also strengthen the immune system and protect against many diseases.

May 10 — A cardinal change of the image is not desirable. But if you make a scheduled visit to the hairdresser, then in the future it will significantly improve your financial situation.

May 11 — to attract the attention of the opposite sex will help the new image and a stylish haircut. The simplest but effective ways to attract love are also valid.

12 May — In order to avoid quarrels and disagreements with relatives and friends, the lunar calendar does not recommend visiting beauty salons and carrying out any procedures with hair.

may 13 — today’s haircut can not only be a great start to the day, but also extend your youth and health for many years.

May 14 — always stay in great shape and tune in to a positive will help the new hairstyle.

May 15 — Today is one of the most favorable days for hair cutting. Thus, you will not only update your gorgeous image, but also attract happiness to your home.

16th of May — Do not postpone the haircut for later. Now is the time to enlist the support of the Higher Forces and catch a wave of luck.

May 17 — even if you decide on your own to trim a few strands, it will not end with anything good. After the haircut, this day will bring migraines and ailments.

May 18 — luck is on your side, that’s why you should look ahead and don’t be afraid of changes, both in your image and in your personal life.

May 19 — today’s trip to the beauty salon will open for you new perspectives and opportunities to conclude profitable deals. And the updated hairstyle will emphasize your beautiful appearance.

May 20 — deciding to cut your hair on this day, you will get rid of the accumulated negatives and failures. Do not be afraid of the new image, it will bring joyful events in your life.

May 21st — Today is not the time to experiment with hair. All attempts may not complete as well as you hoped. There may also be difficulties at work.

22nd of May — the most suitable image on this day, it is a natural beauty. Do not reinvent the wheel and try to stand out from the crowd with its original hairstyle. This can lead to stressful situations and depression.

May, 23rd — not the best time for a haircut. Try this day to bypass all the hairdressers, as this may adversely affect your health.

May 24 — To those who have long dreamed of meeting their love, astrologers recommend mowing their hair. Such a change of image will give you confidence in its attractiveness, which in turn will attract the attention of the opposite sex. And in order not to make mistakes in communication on the first date, read about the best ways to win a man.

May 25 — If you visit a stylist today, it is not the best way to reflect on your wallet. This day is only suitable for hair care and the application of firming and nourishing masks.

26 of May — not an auspicious day for procedures with hair. If you do not want to provoke your financial instability, then cancel the visit to the hairdresser.

May 27 — today it is better to pay attention to your well-being. Only treatments with hair are allowed. Otherwise, you can catch a strong cold.

May 28 — this day will help with the accumulation of the required amount of money, if you decide on a new image. Changes in hairstyle will benefit you and help attract financial success.

May 29 — Allow the stylist to take care of your hair and the overall look. This will make you more attractive, as well as increase the flow of abundance.

May 30 — if you do not want to harm your health, you should not visit a hairdresser. On this day, only therapeutic hair masks are allowed.

May 31 — This day is not suitable for procedures related to hair, as this may adversely affect your vision.

Remember the main rule that well-groomed and clean curls will always be in fashion and make you attractive. In May, a great idea would be to restore hair and care for their health. Folk remedies will be in power as ever. The lunar calendar wishes you success in any endeavors, health, prosperity, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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