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Lunar haircut in March

Lunar haircut in March

In March, many people try to change the image, because this month is the beginning of the spring renewal. Changing the image includes haircuts, which can be found from our lunar calendar for March of the year.

March 1-3: Waning Moon in Sagittarius. Chemical perm and styling will be undesirable, because their original appearance will last a very short time.

March 4-5: The moon is in Capricorn, and the time has come for any manipulation of hair. Feel free to do what you want.

March 6-7: Aquarius and the Waning Moon make these two days perfect for any experiments with hair. Non-standard colors and haircuts will be very useful.

March 8: The moon interacts with Pisces, so spend your time on hair masks. Haircuts and repainting in darker colors today are undesirable.

March 9-11: favorable and these lunar day promises to be hair coloring. Haircuts better to postpone due to the negative impact of Aries.

March 12-13: Growing Moon in Taurus — you can do whatever you want with your hair, as this is one of the most favorable days in March. New hairstyle, supported by affirmations, will attract favorable changes in life.

March 14-15: March 14 will be the best time in the month for cutting and dyeing hair. Twins and Growing Moon will give you sexuality and confidence. In addition, the new haircut will give you vitality and give a good mood.

March 16-17: Cancer will make any styling almost impossible. You should not even take up this matter: the hair will be too naughty. Any wellness treatments are recommended.

March 18-20: The moon will be in the sign of Leo. Successful coloring in red hues and perm will bring a lot of luck in business, at work and in business, as a good appearance will allow you to make the necessary impression.

March 21-22: Virgo will make these two days one of the most favorable for coloring and restoration. Split ends will look better if trimmed, not sparing the length. Curling and styling will last very long.

March 23-25: In these three days, starting from the Full Moon on March 23, it is better to abandon the coloring and haircuts. Spend time improving your hair — Libra will help you with this.

March 26-27: The constellation Scorpio will make these two days the most unfavorable for any changes concerning hair. It is not worth these days to spend efforts on complex hairstyles, cut or dye your hair.

March 28-30: The moon will be influenced by Sagittarius, so it’s better not to cut the hair — they will grow faster than usual, and the hairstyle will not retain its shape. If you wish, you can give preference to wellness procedures, but the color and styling is better to exclude.

March 31: On this day, the Capricorn affects the moon, but you should not go cut it. It is better to dye your hair or make non-standard styling.

Spring is a time of change that affects absolutely everything — first and foremost, appearance. Try to transform yourself to adequately meet a new stage in life. Dyed or trimmed hair will help you succeed in business and at work, and the lunar calendar will tell you the best time for this. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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