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Lunar haircut in July

Lunar haircut in July

Feel more confident and get an additional source of strength by changing the hairstyle. The calendar of haircuts for July will help you plan a trip to the stylist.

On certain days, the lunar energy is most favorable for external changes. With her hair will gain strength, become healthier and more beautiful. The lunar calendar also reflects the days in which it is worth refraining from manipulating hair, so as not to inadvertently push luck away and not spoil fine curls.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts

July 1-2: The moon in the first quarter phase is in the constellation Libra. These days are filled with positive energy, which can be sent to change hairstyles. The new image will emphasize your independence and help in your career growth.

The moon has a positive effect on hair, so early July is suitable for caring procedures.

3-4 July: the growth of the moon in the constellation Scorpio gives the period an unstable energy. These days haircut will benefit the owners of thin and weak hair, which will become thicker and tougher. Haircuts should be abandoned for those who are not planning changes in their personal lives.

It is better to devote time to natural homemade masks that improve the structure of the hair.

July 5-7: The moon, located in Sagittarius, has a disharmonious effect on people, so a haircut during this period is unlikely to benefit you. After her hair will grow back quickly, but will lose volume and elasticity. However, you can trim the regrown tips and give shape to your curls.

July 8-9: The positive influence of the moon in the zodiac Capricorn is favorable for changing the hairstyle. Haircut will give your hair strength, they will stop cutting and will keep their shape for a long time after styling. In the Full Moon, July 9, you should pay attention to the balms and hair masks, which under the influence of lunar energy will enhance the positive effect.

July 10-12: the decreasing period of the Moon in Aquarius is neutral for haircuts. Ladies who are not afraid of experiments, you can schedule a visit to the stylist for these days and make an extraordinary hairstyle. So you can attract attention to yourself, and get rid of self-doubt.

July 13-14: The moon in Pisces is an extremely unfavorable combination for hairstyles. Chances of dandruff and split ends are high. These days should be used for relaxing hair.

It will be useful to rinse them in a decoction of healing herbs. To strengthen the hair follicles, you can use the mood of burdock root and fresh nettle leaves.

July 15-16: The moon in Aries reports unstable energy. Hair after haircut will begin to grow more slowly, but their overall condition will not change. However, a strong hair shortening can contribute to conflicts and quarrels.

Energy Aries negatively affects the mood, so you can be unhappy with the results of a visit to a hairdresser.

July 17-18: Zodiacal Taurus and the growing Moon endow days with positive energy. You should not postpone the planned visit to the stylist on July 17 or 18. After the haircut, you will feel a surge of strength, and your appearance will change for the better. Also at this time you can experiment with the length of the hair.

An asymmetrical haircut will add confidence and help to tackle difficult issues in an unconventional way.

July 19-20: The waning moon passes into the constellation Gemini. This period is neutral for a haircut, but the hair will become lighter and may start to curl. As a precautionary measure, use homemade masks, which favorably affect the tips and prevent hair loss.

July 21-22: the constellation of Cancer and the energy of the waning Moon can cause a lot of trouble for those who decide to change their hairstyles. At this time, it is better to do the strengthening of thin and unruly hair, using moisturizing oils.

July 23-25: the period of the New Moon and the beginning of the growth of the Moon in the constellation Leo are successful for going to the stylist. The new hairstyle will keep its shape for a long time, and the hair will become thicker and stronger. On Monday and Tuesday, health procedures for hair will help them to nourish themselves with nutrients for active growth.

July 26-27: The moon in Virgo has a positive effect on hair growth and their general condition. New haircut today will emphasize your charm. If you are in search of a relationship or want to shake up the cold feelings, you should contact your stylist.

July 28-29: The moon in the sign of Libra has a positive effect on hair growth, but after cutting, they can become thin and difficult to style. These days haircuts will suit ladies with heavy, hard hair. Energetics of the constellation will positively affect the health of the hair follicles, so time is good for various nourishing and firming masks.

July 30-31: The moon in Scorpio adversely affects the condition of the hair, so ladies should use this time to rest. A short haircut can bring new challenges and trials into your life. Astrologers recommend limiting rinsing hair with healing broths.

Hair is not only decoration, but also carry the magical power of their owners. Signs about hair may be helpful. We wish you success, beauty and charm, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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