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Lukov Day October 31: traditions of the holiday

Lukov Day October 31: traditions of the holiday

On October 31, the Orthodox world honors the memory of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke. The people of this holiday was nicknamed «Onions Day.» The celebration has always been accompanied by the observance of ancestral traditions — many of them have survived to our time.

Memorial Day of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke

According to legend, the holy Apostle Luke was a skilled healer, the founder of icon painting, the author of the four Gospels and Acts of the Holy Apostles. It is believed that it was his pen that belonged to the first icon of the Mother of God, and later many well-known icons were attributed to Luke’s authorship: the Vladimir Mother of God, the Tikhvin and Iverskaya icons. In Orthodoxy, Luke is revered as the patron saint of all those involved in painting and medical practice.

Luke is one of the seventy apostles who attended the first sermon on the kingdom of heaven and heeded the words of Christ. After the miraculous resurrection of the Savior, Luke took part in the apostolic mission of St. Paul, sharing with him all the burdens of the way. When Paul passed away, Luke did not stop the missionary journey and continued to read the sermons.

His earthly journey ended in the city of Thebes: the apostle accepted a martyr’s demise.

Traditions of the Day Lukov

Those whose craft was associated with painting and medicine, which Luke patronizes, were honored on the saint’s memorial day. Doctors and artists asked the apostle for help in affairs, and farmers — that the saint should protect the winter plantings from the bitter cold. In addition, prayers for healing and the establishment of family well-being were offered to Luka: legend has it that Luka mastered healing skills in perfection.

Because of the consonance with the name of the saint in Lukov, much attention was paid to the bow and its healing properties. Not without reason, and to this day, we hear the sayings about the ability of the onion to protect a person from diseases: “Onions from seven ailments”, “Onions and the bath will fix everything”. Despite the fact that the trade in this plant rarely brought a good profit, in the villages even staged onion markets.

Every person on this holiday must have eaten some onions to strengthen their health and protect themselves from winter diseases. It was believed that onions, eaten in Onions a day, can cure even chronic diseases. The plant was also used to treat skin diseases and injuries: onions were pounded in stupas, after which they were applied to wounds, and soon they were dragged out.

Women used onion juice in order to preserve youth and beauty. He rubbed his hair so that they were healthy and thick, and into the skin so that old age did not touch the face.

As the weather progressed, Lukov wondered how fast the winter would come. It was believed that if the holiday did not snow, and the leaves on the oaks and cherries did not fall off completely, then the winter to wait for a long time.

The fishing season began on the day Lukov, so the fishermen paid prayers to the apostle Luka with a request to send a good catch and protect them from the dangers associated with the water element.

Many traditions of the day Lukov are observed in our time. The prayer addressed to Saint Luke on this day will surely be heard. Take from the past the best, remember the customs of our ancestors and do not forget to press the buttons and

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