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Leap year: what to expect

Leap year: what to expect

2016 will be a leap year. It is believed that leap years are the most unsuccessful. Is it really so and what to expect from the coming year?

A leap year is a year in the calendar, the duration of which is 366 days, that is, one day more than in ordinary years. Many wondering how many days in a leap year are also interested in the question: where does the odd one go, 366 days? This day is attributed to February.

So, this very year in February is not 28, but 29 days.

Why is a leap year

For a year, the Earth makes a complete revolution around the Sun. That’s just our planet does a full turn not for the full 365 days, but for 365 days and 6 hours. Accordingly, every year, this time accumulates.

Roughly speaking, in order for us not to have snowdrops blooming in December, once every 4 years, one more day is added to February.

The term «leap year» was first used in the Roman Empire and was introduced by Julius Caesar. In Latin, he was called «Bis sextus» — «bissextus»,in Greek was pronounced as «Vissextus», we have — «Leap».

Signs in a leap year: what not to do

Leap year happens once in four years. Many are waiting for him with caution, because according to him, this time accounts for the largest number of disasters and catastrophes. This year has always been considered the most dangerous and difficult. Over time, there will be a lot of superstitions about it.

  • You can not start building houses. This sign is associated with the birthday of the Roman monk Kasyan, who just fell on February 29. It was believed that Kasyan could interfere with construction.
  • You can not change the place of work. By accepting, a new job in a leap year will bring only trouble and problems, and not monetary gain.
  • Born in leap year They used to be known in ancient times as sorcerers and witches. They were always bypassed and feared. If the child was born on February 29, then even greater magical powers were attributed to him. Such children were still considered envoys from the other world.
  • In a leap year, you can not marry. It is said that a wedding this year will either lead to the death of one of the spouses, or such a union will be short-lived.

  • A leap year divorce also promised setbacks. It is believed that one of the spouses will not be able after a divorce to find happiness in his personal life.
  • In a leap year, the largest number of deaths occur. To protect yourself from this, according to the sign, the old people should not buy their clothes for «death.»
  • Mushrooms in a leap year can not be collected. It is believed that at this time they especially carefully absorb negative energy, evil eyes and defacement.
  • You can not talk about their plans this year, otherwise they may not come true.
  • It is dangerous to go on trips and travels.
  • You can not give or sell animals from their home — luck and prosperity will go with them.

Despite the fact that the leap year is very close, you should not set yourself up for disaster failures. A positive attitude and a reluctance to trust your fate to bad omens will help you make this year prosperous. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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