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Leap Year: Signs and Superstitions

Leap Year: Signs and Superstitions

A leap year is a source of ongoing discussions about the presence or absence of concerns. For some, he is the cause of experiences, and for others — the cause of inspiration and the emergence of good presentiments. And, as often happens, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

What is a leap year

In a leap year, 366 days instead of 365. The reason for adding one extra day is quite simple, the length of one year is about 365 days and 6 hours. The extra 6 hours in 4 years give one more lost day, which is added to the new year.

This is where February 29 came from.

This calendar was developed during the reign of Guy Julius Caesar. It was composed of the best astronomers and the greatest minds of that era. He began his action from 45 BC. An interesting fact is that at first the leap year was introduced once every three years.

This lasted for 36 years, until the subjects of the scientists of the Emperor Augustus did not correct this error.

Signs and superstitions in a leap year

Reaching consensus on this issue and reaching a common denominator will never be possible, because opinions are clearly divided. You can only voice the arguments of scientists, esoteric and psychics about the leap year, and then each of us will choose the right side for ourselves.

At all, ancient superstition and observation ordinary people in the question of a leap year are categorical — it is extremely unfavorable. Many people believe that February 29 brings only misfortunes, and also that the worst in our lives happens in leap years. Long-term observations of historical realities confirm this fact.

In addition, popular wisdom advises not to change anything in such years: not to divorce and not enter into marriage, not to move and not to plan children or a new business. However, there are recipes for overcoming the negativity associated with a leap year. For example, you can stock up on effective guardian.

Scientists consider, that a leap year does not carry any negative, because it is only an adjustment of the lost 24 hours. Observations of astronomers show that there are no changes in the Solar System, in the life of our planet and the Moon during a leap year. No deviations of an unknown nature related to the extra February day have ever been observed, so scientists clearly and clearly announce their verdict — 29 days do not change anything.

Astrologers believe, that the current leap year will bring good luck to people born under the sign of Leo. Fire Monkey will accompany this. In general, astrologers have a well-established view that a leap year can be rather unusual and polar, but there is no data and evidence that it is severely unfavorable.

Christian church as well as others world religions, such as Islam and Buddhism, does not react to the addition of extra days. Moreover, the Christian doctrine is rather negative about superstition, since only we and God control our lives. Therefore, negative thoughts, according to leading religions, can lead to negative, but only because we adjust ourselves to such a wave.

This is how we approach the main idea — think positively. Psychologists give such a recommendation about superstitions, and this advice is more relevant than ever in a leap year. A positive attitude will keep your inner balance and bring luck and luck. We wish you a happy and productive leap year, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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