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Kissing Day July 6

Kiss Day July 6th year

July 6th is World Kiss Day. This holiday is relatively young, but has already gained popularity in many countries around the world.

For the first time, Kiss Day began to be celebrated in Britain in the early 20th century. In 1985, UN members decided to include it in the list of holiday dates for all mankind. Since that time, Kissing Day has become world wide.

One of the most romantic holidays is celebrated bright and fun. The main tradition of this day is, of course, a kiss. In the central squares of many cities around the world held massive flash mobs and competitions for the longest kiss.

Millions of lovers in this holiday are united in a passionate kiss, to sometimes remind each other of the importance of feelings, sincere emotions and closeness not only of body, music, and soul.

Interesting Facts About Kisses

On World Kiss Day on July 6, you need to recall the origins of this sacrament — a kiss, its purpose and meaning.

  • According to legend, the kiss was coined by ancient people. In the old days Our ancestors believed that breath is the soul. Therefore, connecting lips with a loved one, a man and a woman connected their souls. Unfortunately, in the modern world, kiss as a sacrament, as a ritual, many people simply devalued. Initially, a kiss is an act that needs to be performed only with a very close and loved one, because along with the kiss, people give each other a piece of their soul.
  • Scientists claim that during a kiss in the human body produced the hormones of happiness. Lovers of kissing are believed to suffer less from stress and illness.

  • Kiss helps to lose weight. It was found that during a passionate kiss, which lasts at least 20 seconds, the calories are quickly burned and the metabolism improves.
  • In the kiss involved 39 muscles. When these muscles become active, the blood supply to the cells of the skin of the face improves, which allows it to retain its youth longer.
  • Kiss has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It strengthens the immune system, prolongs life and gives a good mood.
  • The record for most kisses is a resident of Minnesota (USA) Wolfram. For 8 hours he managed to kiss 8001 people. It happened on Kiss Day in 1990.

Kiss, giving your soul to your loved one, and not only on World Kiss Day, but every day! Without physical contact — hugs, touches and kisses — we humans become unhappy. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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