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Kirillov day June 22: what is this holiday

Kirillov day, June 22: what kind of holiday is it

Kirillov Day is one of the Orthodox holidays, but has deep roots dating back to the pre-Christian era. A lot of ancient signs and beliefs are associated with this day, which are observed on a par with church rules.

In Orthodoxy on June 22, Cyril of Alexandria was revered, a bishop who fought against heretics and preached the Orthodox faith, created books on theology and led a righteous way of life. Believers on this day also remember Kirill Beloezersky, who became a monk and received the gift of providence through prayers from Our Lady. The wonderworker has been canonized, and now the believers pray to him for health and a choice of the right path in life.

The essence of the day Kirillov

In Orthodoxy, on this day, they go to the morning prayer, at which, when the bells are ringing, the clergy list all the good deeds of the two saints. On this day, everyone can pray for the health of their relatives. Believers try to refrain from worldly affairs, preferring spiritual growth.

On Kirillov Day, one can confess and take communion, cleanse the soul of negativity and repent of perfect offenses. Believers follow the diet recommended by the church. On this day, it is worth refraining from a plentiful feast and refusing to accept alcohol, preferring fast food without meat.

On the day of the holiday, it is customary to engage in charity work, to help those who need support, to spend time with family. The tradition of disinterested aid was entrenched in Orthodoxy from the time of St. Cyril of Alexandria, who lived in the 4-5th century.

Despite the fact that the holiday is Orthodox, it has incorporated many folk traditions. It is from this day that the summer period begins, when the Sun gives all its strength to the earth. Our ancestors in Kirillov continued the sowing day, finished planting late seedlings, and began to hay.

According to legends, blueberries and strawberries begin to ripen on the day of the holiday. These berries have miraculous properties and are able to heal many ailments. In the old days, from the first collected gifts of nature, jam and other preparations were made to be used in the winter period as a treat and cold medicine.

In the modern world, on the occasion of the holiday, a colorful festival is held, which will be held annually in the town of Velsk, Arkhangelsk Region. They hold fairs, organize concerts and exhibitions.

In Kirillov, the day is congratulated on the names of close friends and relatives, they are given gifts on Orthodox subjects and they are surely treated to lean pastries. The clergy urge to abandon disputes and forgive their offenders, reconciled in such a beautiful day. We wish you happiness and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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