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June Solstice Day

Summer Solstice Day in June

The summer solstice is a very powerful day in terms of energy, on which the sun is at its maximum height above the horizon. The longest day can give you happiness and good luck.

Astronomically, this day is very important for humanity. He will help you to fulfill desires, gain strength and get positive. It remains to hope that it will be a warm and sunny day.

When will the summer solstice

Since the movement of the Earth around the Sun is almost unchanged, then the day of the solstice always happens on the same day, at the same moment. In the summer the sun is high above the horizon, in winter it is low. The summer solstice is not a day, but a point on the Earth’s orbit, a point after which it passes, the day begins to decrease.

In fact, in astronomy, this day is considered the beginning of an astronomical autumn, which will last until the autumn equinox. solstice happen june 21. Every fourth year this date shifts to June 20, because every fourth year is a leap year.

Energy Solstice

The sun gives this day not only the most heat, but also the most invisible, but very tangible energy. This is the peak of the summer season, which should be held in a good mood in order to attract only auspicious energy.

Many people go to nature on this day to absorb all the power of the Sun. Experts in bioenergy advise as much as possible to be in the fresh air on the 21st, as well as to communicate with the most pleasant people.

In the lunar calendar, something unusual will happen too. This will be the first day of the moon in Libra. The growth of the moon is perfectly combined with solar energy and with the positive of this day. The sign of Libra means that the energy of the verses of Air will dominate everything today.

This will make the moon not very positive, but many people will have a special lightness today. The moon and the sun are always in some kind of struggle, but on June 21 this struggle will come to a minimum.

The day of the summer solstice in many cultures since ancient times was one of the most important days. So it was with the Celts and in Russia. Until now, the day of the summer Solstice is celebrated by many people as it was done a thousand years ago. On this day, you can work, relax, be in solitude or surrounded by people.

The main thing — to keep a good mood. On this day, you can safely go on dates, make new acquaintances. They say that the wedding and the first date of two people in love on such a day is a great success.

Positive in the mood will affect large purchases, which can also bring a lot of positive emotions. In order not to spend money in vain, try to plan your shopping trip on June 21 in advance. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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