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Ivan long: signs, rites and traditions of the national holiday

Ivan long: signs, rites and traditions of the national holiday

Ivan is long — a holiday that is celebrated by Christians. as every year, its date of celebration falls on June 1st. This is a special day when the observance of rites and traditions is important for believers.

Folk signs «> The national holiday of Christians is celebrated in order to pay tribute to the memory of Grand Prince John of Uglich. He received his name» Ivan Long «because of the lengthy works that lasted that day from dawn to sunset. Many people baked this holiday baking, especially cakes, to then distribute them to the poor and needy.

history of the holiday

Son of St. Prince Andrei Vasilyevich of Uglich, St. John loved Christ with all his heart. But many troubles awaited him in life: torture, imprisonment in prison, attempted murder. But John steadfastly held on and never once doubted his faith, on the contrary, his love for the Lord only grew.

From his very youth, John was in prison by the will of an envious uncle, Prince John of Moscow III. There he remained for thirty-two years, saved by prayers, and only in them he found solace in his sorrows. Feeling the approach of death, the righteous prince took vows as a monk with the name Ignatius. He died on May 19 (June 1 in a new style) in 1522 at the age of 45.

On the day of death, a fragrance emanated from the body of John, filling the whole city.

The miracle that occurred that day was the reason for the establishment of the national holiday. There is a huge number of beliefs, the observance of which will help to change your life for the better, because every year, on June 1, the whole world is filled with tremendous energy of life and love.

Traditions and rites of Ivan the Long

The most important traditions for June 1 are to sow wheat; bake pies and give them to a beggar.

From ancient times, on the day of the holiday of Ivan Long, it was customary to read the prayers of John to avoid various kinds of poisoning and diseases related to the stomach.

Every peasant on June 1 was engaged in sowing wheat, regardless of the weather. It was grown not for its own food, but for sale. Therefore, people prayed that the harvest would be a success and the business with the trade would go uphill.

In the old days, the Slavs went to the field with refreshments. As a gift to Mother Earth, a huge loaf of wheat flour was baked. They asked the fields to give them a harvest, so as not to know misfortunes and distribute debts and taxes.

As a rule, this treat was not given to any beggar, but was given to the first person to meet them on the way, after the end of the ceremony.

On this day, rich people offered to those who needed the pies and sweets. Old people approached the road and made prayers, and at the sight of travelers, gave them baked goods. This was considered a good deed and a good sign, which promises a year with a rich harvest.

On this holiday it was impossible to return home even with one cake. It was necessary to give out all the baking to the poor, otherwise, according to the sign, God could be angry and thus not allow a person to do a good deed. If the pie still remained with the owner, it was necessary to give it to feed the birds, and, in any case, not to eat.

Ivan is long: signs for the holiday

  • Every year, on June 1, people believed that if there are many birds in a field, this is not good.
  • To see the skylark in the sky — to a large and generous harvest.
  • Sowing wheat should be started only when the bird cherry blossoms and the first leaves appear on the oak.
  • If the sky is red in the morning, a rainy day is expected. If on the contrary, a day without clouds — there will be no mushrooms in the summer, but if it rains heavily, you can pick up whole baskets.
  • If June 1 is a red sunset, then there are still some warm and clear days ahead.

Ivan Dolgy is a bright national holiday. It carries a lot of old traditions and rituals, which should be respected and observed in order not only to honor the memory of John of Uglich, but also to enlist his support for the whole year. Mark this holiday in due form so you never know the troubles and bad weather.

We wish you happiness, good mood and good health. Take care of yourself, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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