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Ivan Kupala: traditions and customs of the holiday

Ivan Kupala: traditions and customs of the holiday

The holiday of Kupala night, which arose during the times of Slavic paganism, is also popular in the modern world. Knowledge of the traditions and rituals of this special day will help you change your life for the better.

The holiday of Ivan Kupala is celebrated in Russia for over a hundred years. Our ancestors could not imagine a year without this summer night of big bonfires, sacred songs and ritual bathing in rivers or lakes. With the establishment of Christianity, Kupala night was not forgotten, unlike most pagan holidays, but harmoniously intertwined with modern life.

Practitioners of various traditions call the holiday of Ivan Kupala the strongest time. It is believed that from dawn on July 6 until sunset on July 7, the light finally triumphs over darkness. At this time, you can turn your life in a different direction, and thus attract on your side happiness and good luck.

How to celebrate Kupala night

The main symbol of the holiday of Ivan Kupala is the combination of opposites, which was previously embodied in a sequence of sacred actions. Having jumped over a high bonfire, celebrating with songs went swimming. It was believed that fire purifies the mind and soul, and water takes the diseases of the body.

Those who wish to get rid of diseases or unpleasant memories, experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise to repeat the ritual of our ancestors. If there is no opportunity to make a full fire, then jumping through it can be replaced by meditation on the flame of a candle.

Another important custom of the holiday is considered fortune telling. To raise the veil of secrecy over your future, you need to collect five kinds of wildflowers at sunset, weave a wreath from them and, putting it on your head, think about what you want to know. After that, you need to put a wreath along the river and follow it: if it floats safely, remaining on the surface of the water, then the desired will come true.

If the wreath sinks, then in the coming year you should expect difficulties and obstacles on the way to your goal.

Collection of medicinal herbs is considered another immutable tradition of this holiday. In order for the herbs to bring the desired health, they must be harvested before sunset. With the onset of dusk on the 6th day, the herbs collected in the basket must be fumigated with the smoke of the Kupala bonfire: after that they can be used in medicinal teas and infusions.

Songs are considered an important tradition of this summer holiday. The more and heartier you will sing in the Kupala night and in front of it, the easier it will be to “call out” your new destiny. The themes of the songs depend on what exactly you want to bring into your life: love means a song about a condescended or condemned, wealth means a song about a harvest.

Another way to observe traditions and celebrate the day of Ivan Kupala is a trip to the forest. During the walk, you need to collect three twigs from different trees, twist them together, and put them under a pillow for the night. The dream that you will see this night may be prophetic. If you like what you see, the pigtail from the branches must be hidden in a secluded place and kept there until the events from the dream become a reality.

If the dream turned out to be disturbing, then, so that it did not come true, in the morning it is necessary to burn the twigs.

The second summer month promises to be rich for national holidays. Knowing their features and customs, you can spend July in a fun and profitable way. We wish you good luck and prosperity. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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