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Ilyin day: folk signs and rituals

Ilyin day: folk signs and rituals

Ilyin Day is a holiday that is dedicated to the memory of the Prophet Elijah, revered by Eastern and Southern Slavs, as well as by many other Orthodox peoples. Happy Prophet Elijah is connected with many interesting traditions and signs.

Holiday is celebrated August 2 in a new style. It is connected with the life of the prophet Elijah, who lived before our era. This Old Testament saint was an ardent fighter against paganism and pagan traditions, which at that time were very common.

This day is not included in the list of 12 major Christian holidays, but it still has its particular importance.

The story of Ilyin’s day

It is rather a national holiday, not Orthodox or church, since as early as the 10th century Ilyin’s day was a substitute for the holiday of God Perun, who controlled the elements, lightning and thunder. Saint Ilya helped to cause rain, so people began to identify this image of a fictional god and an archaic saint.

Ilyin Day is one of the most revered All-Russian national holidays for the whole year. His orthodox history is simple. Elijah God took to his heaven for his fighting character and inflexibility in matters of faith.

There is a belief that the Lord allowed him to come to Paradise alive, and also in a fiery chariot, personifying his passion and zealous service to the Creator.

It is believed that the prophet will have to be present at the second coming of Jesus Christ. His mission will be the preaching and second baptism of the Son of God. This is what Christian preaching says.

That is why this holiday is so important for people — it shows us that the power of God is limitless and existed even in those times when paganism, chaos and unbelief ruled the world.

Traditions and ceremonies on Ilyin Day

According to folk traditions, on Ilyin’s Day, which we wrote about earlier, this holiday was also called Thunderbird, Carrot, Gromovnik, Ilya Angry. This day had many names, but now everyone calls it the Ili day, since the Russian Orthodox Church fights even the smallest remnants of paganism, which, according to the clergy, are the main enemies of pure faith in God Jesus Christ.

  • Before Ilyin’s day, baking cookies were always taken when work in the field was completed. This rite drove troubles and bad weather.
  • On August 2, people traditionally pray to God for the salvation of their home and for pardoning them and protecting them from bad weather.
  • Since ancient times it was believed that any work on Ilyin day brings only trouble. No result is expected from her, so all people relax on this national holiday.
  • Games, round dances and dances, as well as fun and good mood — these are the main attributes of Ilyin of the day. Everyone should have fun and share treats. This is a kind of collective rite.
  • From the very beginning of the union of Ilyin of the day with pagan origins, it was believed that this holiday personifies the end of the summer period. In accordance with folk signs, on Ilyin, the animals change their behavior, the water in the reservoirs begins to bloom and grow cold. They even said in Russia: “We live in the summer before dinner, and autumn comes in the afternoon.”
  • Strong lightning and thunder on Ilyin Day say that winter will be snowy and cold.
  • The prophet Elijah is a person who is identified with rage towards an unclean force. That is why people have long believed that all the devilry is hidden when Illya comes down from heaven to illuminate the sky with lightning.

Each of us must honor these traditions and signs, as they are the result of the observations of dozens of generations of people. This is the greatest holiday, which is designed to say goodbye to summer time and with fresh forces to prepare for autumn.

On this day in Orthodoxy it is customary to read prayers for protection. One of these is the prayer «I Believe.» Read it before bedtime to save yourself and your loved ones from harm — both natural and spiritual. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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