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Ilyin Day 2 August

Ilyin Day 2 August year

Ilyin Day is one of the most beloved holidays of the Slavs, which is associated with the name of the Prophet Elijah. What is the meaning of this holiday and how was it celebrated in ancient times?

When is celebrated Ilyin day

The holiday Ilyin Day is celebrated annually on August 2 and is a non-transitional holiday. In the tradition of the Eastern Slavs, he was very loved and revered. A lot of beliefs will be associated with this day.

The people also called this day Thunderbolt, since Illya was considered the sovereign of thunder, rain and fertility.

Ilyin’s day was often celebrated by the bratchina: a village or sometimes several neighboring villages were engaged in preparing dishes and all were present at such a common feast, who was going to the clubhouse. It ended with all the youth festivities: they danced and sang merry songs. Preparing for the holiday in advance, starting with Maria Lazorevaya, that is, July 30.

On the same day the memory of Saint Marina of Antioch is revered. holy, three times resist the temptations of the devil.

The value of Ilyin of the day

It was believed that from this day the summer ceases and the first signs of autumn are already clearly visible. On the night of August 2, most often there is a very strong thunderstorm that frightens animals and birds. This night was sometimes called «sparrow» or «rowan» from the word ripple, for everything shimmers in the lightning of lightning. Many legends and mystical beliefs are connected with the night on Ilyin’s day.

It was believed that all evil spirits walk and celebrate their most important annual holiday. Lightning, respectively, are designed to frighten people, which is what the evil spirits have fun with. According to another, this night, on the contrary, destroys witches and witches.

Therefore, if someone was hit by lightning that night, they could have recognized him as a black sorcerer.

Elijah the Prophet

According to the biblical story, the prophet Elijah was born in the city of Fesva, therefore one of his nicknames is Elijah Thesvitjatin. It is known that he lived in the IX century BC. er during the reign of Ahab in Israel. In fact, all management then was in the hands of the king’s wife, who wished to establish the cult of the pagan gods.

At the same time, those who worshiped the True God of Israel, that is, Yahweh, were expelled.

The prophet Elijah is known in the Bible as a fighter against idolatry. And this is not the complete picture and significance of the prophet Elijah in Orthodoxy. He came barefoot to the royal court and warned the king that for his excesses the whole country was threatened with three years of famine.

Elijah opposed the priests of the pagan, and at the same time foreign, gods, as well as the royal power, and greatly influenced the fall of the pagan worship.

The most crucial point was the test of faith on Mount Carmel. The priests of the pagan god offered sacrifices, but, as expected, their gods did not hear the pleading. Elijah gave praise to God and was heard.

After this test, he himself executed the pagan priests.

The Ascension of Elijah the Prophet

After this trial, Elijah the Prophet became hated by the queen and she swore to destroy him. But Elijah hid in the wilderness. Then he came back again, finally denouncing the king and his successor. To himself, he found a faithful disciple and follower of Elisha, the future prophet.

According to biblical tradition, he was alive taken to heaven right before the eyes of his pupil. A chariot with fiery horses appeared, which carried Elijah to the sky.

August 2 is not only Ilyin’s day, but also the night of the New Moon, whose energy you can use very successfully. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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