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Hugging Day — January 21

Hugging Day — January 21st

January 21st is celebrated International Day of hugs. This is one of the most unusual and young holidays, but despite this, the traditions of this day are spreading rapidly around the world.

the main tradition of world hugs day — to conclude in a friendly embrace a person, both familiar and unfamiliar. The history of this holiday is not known for certain.

According to one version in the mid-70s, a young man, Juan, flew to Sydney. In this city he had no acquaintances, and, of course, no one met him at the air terminal. Juan was experiencing not the best times in his life, but this was not a reason for despondency for him.

He wrote “Hugs for Free” on a piece of paper and stood with him near the train station. At first, passersby were perplexed and passed by. After some time, a woman approached Juan and said that she was left alone and wanted to be embraced by someone. The Sydney students soon learned about the Free Hugs campaign and this moment marked the beginning of embrace movements in Australia.

Later, this tradition took root in Europe, and in 1986, the United States established a national Day of hugs. The holiday gradually spread throughout the world.

This holiday is of great importance for people around the world. After all, hugs are a form of manifestation of friendship, love, gratitude and support. This is a form of expression of feelings and a source of positive emotions.

Scientists have proven that a person needs 8 hugs a day in order to feel comfortable. Also, lovers of cuddling should know the benefits of strong hugs.

The use of hugs

Scientists have proven that hugs are good for health, both physically and psychologically. What happens to our bodies when we hug?

  • The amount of endorphins (hormones of happiness) increases.
  • Immunity is strengthened.
  • Stimulated central nervous system.
  • Sleep improves.
  • Restored strength.
  • The process of rejuvenation.
  • Relieves stress and nervous tension.
  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Hemoglobin level rises. Increased self-esteem.
  • There are positive emotions.
  • Internal fears, complexes disappear, the feeling of loneliness disappears.

From this it follows that hugs are necessary for everyone, regardless of age and gender. The absence of tactile contact deprives a person of the joy of being and leads to the fact that a person closes in himself and loses the feeling of intimacy with humanity.

It is noticed that children, who were rarely embraced before the age of 7, grow up unhappy. Sociopaths, psychopaths, notorious individuals, as well as people not adapted to real life, grow out of unpainted children.

Hug each other as often as possible, and not just on Hugging Day on January 21! Give your loved ones warmth and love, because in the modern world we all lack this! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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