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How to meet the year of the Monkey: tips Natalia Pravdina

How to meet the year of the Monkey: tips Natalia Pravdina

To gain well-being, it is important to meet him correctly. And Natalya Pravdina, a specialist in positive thinking and her advice in the field of feng shui, will help to do this.

Feng Shui forecast for the year

To invite the hostess of the year to the house, it is important to observe not only the traditions of the New Year’s celebration, but also to recall the importance of oriental knowledge. It was they who gave us the doctrine of the patronage of 12 animals, and that is why we can count on the assistance of the Fire Monkey throughout the year.

In Feng Shui, Fire is considered the most powerful positive element. This means that next year we have the potential for the strongest positive changes in life. The forecasts of esotericists say that for everyone who wants to radically change the way of thinking or the current situation, the year will be more successful than ever.

But those who protect the cozy nest and do not want any changes, will have to try to maintain peace and stability. The fire element is difficult to externally control, which means that on December 31 it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and balance and harmonize the situation in an appropriate way.

Fire Monkey in Feng Shui teaching

Since the coming year will be the Monkey Period, the Feng Shui Specialist recommends that you eat more fruits in January. This is not only beneficial to health, but also very beneficial for bioenergy. The fact is that according to the Chinese calendar, the next year will come only on February 8, which means that until this date we are not yet under the auspices of the Monkey, but are only inviting her into the house.

And the fruits will be very helpful.

But some tangerines and bananas can not do. In addition, it is necessary to properly light the candles in the New Year. First of all, follow the safety rules, as any incident with fire will be reflected in an extremely negative way later.

Be careful with matches and lighters, and even more so with candles. However, doing it completely without them is a bad sign: you can deprive yourself of wealth or good luck for the next period.

Light candles in the candlesticks. It is better to buy candles in red or other warm colors. Christmas lights and fireworks can also create a favorable Feng Shui; most importantly, beware of cheap fakes and follow all precautions.

Playing with fire will aim at you the negative of the Patroness of the year, while wise handling of the flame will only have a positive impact on your future life.

If harmony and order in the house are the most important for you, give up candles and firecrackers in favor of garlands and colored light bulbs, that is, choose electric light rather than direct flame. And if you want to take advantage of a good opportunity and radically change something in your life, then you cannot do without candles. Light a red candle on New Year’s Eve according to our calendar and Eastern, in February, so that the result is preserved and strengthened.

And do not forget about positive thinking. It works wonders if done correctly. To do this, abandon the negative thoughts in the New Year.

Lighting candles, forget about envy or disbelief in your strength, because Fire understands your attitude literally. Follow the advice of Natalia Pravdina and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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