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How to meet the Year of the Fire Monkey

How to meet the Year of the Fire Monkey

The new year must be celebrated correctly — this will help both attract personal happiness and not be left without profit. Feng shui teaching tips can help with this and draw our attention to subtleties and details, such as decorating a Christmas tree or a well-laid table.

According to the eastern calendar, the following year is called the Year of the Fiery Red Monkey. The fact that the shades of scarlet in the scenery and wardrobe is most appropriate, it is not difficult to guess. Dmitry Vladimirovich, an expert on Eastern teachings, told us about other important things.

He is an expert in ba-tzu, feng shui and other techniques.

Dmitry Vladimirovich can help you build harmonious relationships in the family, with the second half or with the child, develop your own intuition and other opportunities, as well as get rid of monetary problems. He is ready to share his knowledge with you: together you will be able to master the skill of setting up your own Destiny.

Dmitry says that the main thing in feng shui is achieving harmony. Therefore, meeting the year of the Red Monkey, it is not at all necessary to decorate the interior exclusively in scarlet tones. Everything is much more individual, and this circumstance must be taken into account when undertaking preparations for the holiday.

Color solutions in the interior for the New Year

Not everyone likes red color. It can cause unpleasant associations in a single interior — for example, to a dark room with dim lighting scarlet garland will give quite repulsive, «bloody» reflections, which is more appropriate on Halloween than on a New Year’s celebration. In addition, red can simply cut the eye in large quantities.

And for some people, in whose personal birth map there are already too many Fire Elements, a passion for red can even be harmful: both in health and in luck.

If you experience a rejection of this color, it is generally worth giving up. Replace red with orange or yellow, and the effect will be the same, and the negative will be avoided. If you dislike warm tones, use white garlands with light bulbs or silver shades.

You need to avoid a pronounced «cold»; bluish, blue and imitations of snow and ice in large quantities, the expert still does not recommend. The monkey is capricious and thermophilic, so do not shift the emphasis in an unpleasant way.

Preparation on the eve of the holiday

The fact that the New Year is better to meet, completing most of the cases and being in good spirits, said a lot. But if you do not have time to finish something, and this circumstance subconsciously puts pressure on you — for example, you sleep worse — do not worry: after all, according to the Eastern calendar, the Fire Monkey finally comes into its own in early February. Just make a New Year’s Eve a quick and successful outcome of your enterprise.

The important point: you need to articulate the desire clearly and clearly. The monkey is generous to help, but she can play a trick on you and do it as she pleases. So do not leave loopholes. You can even write down the desire, since it is much easier to formulate such things in writing.

If you started writing, do not use crumpled sheets or a badly writing pen: you should treat your goals with due respect. Save this sheet until you notice the first positive changes, and then it is better to burn it. So you activate the element of Fire, the most powerful.

The help of this power can be addressed in other problems throughout the year. Fire will save you from problems and help you achieve your dream — it’s enough to prepare a clearly formulated list and betray it to the flame of a candle. But take precautions: it is dangerous to joke with this element.

And remember the harmony: if you, to like the Monkey, have got a set of red candles, light them, but in the apartment zone suitable for Feng Shui. And other areas decorate them with talismans: decorative fountains, a small bansai and music of the wind.

Feng shui has common laws and rules, but, in addition to this, it is quite individual and involves a personal approach. This art takes into account the layout of the premises, your tastes and preferences, and not just the wishes of the hostess of the year. If you want to learn more about Eastern secrets of destiny correction, follow this link and download a free course from Dmitry Vladimirovich, Master Tan’s personal student. We wish you a happy next year, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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