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How to lay the table in the year of the Fire Rooster

How to lay the table in the year of the Fire Rooster

Good luck in the New Year of the Red Rooster depends on many factors. One of them is a festive table. Christmas treats and properly decorated decor will help to attract the attention of the symbol of the coming year.

The troubles associated with the preparation of dishes and the design of the New Year’s table are always pleasant. Waiting for a miracle and fairy tales, familiar from childhood, give positive emotions. The owner of the year, the Red Rooster, promises the welfare of the hospitable owners and promises his protection to those who pay attention to his wishes and whims.

Table setting

The style to be followed is rustic. Simplicity and elegance are combined at the right time and attract the attention of a capricious bird. Natural fabrics and the presence of wooden attributes will help to create a fabulous atmosphere of a rustic cozy home and bring a lot of positive emotions.

Original linen and cotton napkins, embroidered with patterns with the symbols of the coming year, all kinds of woven baskets, compositions of dried herbs, fruits and vegetables, decorated with spikelets, all this creates a unique energy of comfort and freedom.

The original approach will be the dishes of clay and ceramics. Hot pads can also be made from natural materials — straw, wood, fabrics. The table and the whole house can be decorated with symbolic nests made of twigs and grass.

They will be a symbol of home well-being and will serve as an excellent decor. The rooster family bird will appreciate your efforts and become the patron of the family hearth.

Chairs can be decorated with coarse natural fabric, matting or burlap. Bows of these materials will organically fit into the overall style and will be a great addition to the overall picture. Table legs can be tied with red ribbons.

This will be not only an ornament, but also a kind of ceremony uniting all who are behind it.

Cutlery can also be decorated with ribbons and notes with the name of each guest. Decoration with merry divination can be pictures with a Christmas theme. Each guest will find under his napkin a small postcard depicting what is waiting for him in the New Year.

The color scheme can be chosen to your taste, but do not forget that the year of the Red Rooster is coming, and this color should be taken into account in the design. White, a symbol of renewal and purity, will perfectly harmonize with the bright red pattern. The atmosphere of the holiday will add candles of different colors.

Their fire will relax and tune in to peace. Candles also enhance the magic of this night and lead the mind to the world of dreams.

The central decoration of the table can be a composition of fir branches, hung with bright balls and nuts. On the branches, you can hang notes with wishes of happiness and prosperity, and below put the figure of the Rooster and offer him treats in the form of cereals or porridge on a beautiful saucer.

New Year’s dishes

This year it’s worth taking care not about expensive overseas dishes, but about simple food and elegantly decorate it. In the design should use fresh greens, fruits and vegetables. A rooster, a supporter of everyday food, will appreciate even the most uncomplicated dish cooked with love.

Christmas salads can be made in the form of this bird with the help of yolks, cut into thin strips of carrots, pepper, proteins and other products.

To attract good luck you should put on a plate with vegetable and meat cuts on a small piece of grain bread. Baking will help the housewives show their culinary skills and pamper their guests with delicious buns and cakes.

As drinks should be used cocktails, decorated with umbrellas, pieces of fruit and various shiny bows. Fresh fruits and vegetables that are not difficult to purchase in the store will serve as ingredients for tasty and healthy juices. Alcoholic products can also be present on the table, but do not get involved in tasting various liquors and wines.

The Red Rooster is scrupulous in this matter and does not accept excessive consumption of strong drinks.

Remember that under the chiming clock you can make a most intimate desire, and it will surely be fulfilled. Please yourself and your loved ones pleasant surprises and good mood. We wish you the fulfillment of all the ideas and good luck in the New Year. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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