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How to lay the table for the New Year of the Yellow Dog

How to lay the table for the New Year of the Yellow Dog

On New Year’s Eve a new guest will come to your house — the Yellow Earth Dog. The arrangement of the New Year’s table should correspond to its tastes, so that happiness and luck accompany you.

The New Year’s table always occupies the central place on the holiday. It is during the festive meal that we have the opportunity to talk with loved ones and make a wish for the chiming clock. The symbol of the year is the Yellow Earth Dog.

A kind animal with a fervent character is not picky about food and surroundings, but, like other patrons, will appreciate your hospitality. The team at the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you how to set the holiday table in order to get approval from the new hostess.

What must be on the holiday table for the New Year

On the New Year’s table you can always see the abundance of food, and this is the most important rule. The dog is an omnivore, but still it loves meat the most. There should be several types of meat products on your table so that the patroness can choose the ones you like the most.

Any dish Dogs — meat on the bone. For him, you must highlight a central place on your table so that the patroness can try it immediately after arriving at your home.

No New Year’s table does not do without sausages and cheese snacks, as well as meat salads. With the help of these hearty dishes you will please not only your guests, but also the patroness.

Pay attention to the colors of your table. Meals should not merge, so cutting can be decorated with fresh vegetables, preferably yellow and green flowers. Baked vegetables not only diversify your meat menu, but also give brightness to the festive table.

The dog prefers bright fruit. Therefore, place a large bowl with tangerines, oranges, apples and bananas on the table, and if they are too large, cut them into slices. Be sure to make fruit canapes and beautifully lay them on a plate.

The patroness of the year loves children, so there must be sweets on the table. It may be pastries or homemade desserts, but not chocolate, as this product is forbidden for a dog.

What can not be put on the festive table

Despite the kind and picky character, there are things and products that the Dog does not tolerate. First of all it is a fish. The patroness does not like fish dishes, as there are many small bones in them.

If in your family such dishes are considered traditional, then choose fish with a minimum number of seeds.

The dog appreciates and loves tradition, and first of all it concerns food. Therefore, in the New Year’s Eve on your table should not be present exotic dishes.

Many people do not do a day without fat fast food, many even serve this junk food on the New Year’s table. The dog loves homemade food, cooked by the hands of his beloved owner, so fast food is better to refuse, as well as food prepared in cafes and restaurants.

The patroness does not like fizzy drinks, so they will be out of place on the New Year’s table. An exception may be champagne, but lemonade and beer are better noticed on compote cooked at home.

Dogs do not like people who smell like alcohol. This does not mean that you should completely abandon alcoholic beverages, but know the measure, otherwise you will greatly anger the patroness.

On the table should not be objects with the cat symbolism, but if the cat lives in your home, be sure to nourish it nourishingly and indulge your favorite delicacy. Even in spite of the hostile relations with representatives of the feline, the Dog does not like being deprived of animals.

Table setting for New Year of the Yellow Dog

This year, you should have a yellow color on your desk. He will cheer up all the guests and create a festive atmosphere in your home, and most importantly, the patroness loves him.

Do not mix gold-plated and silvered cutlery — give preference to only one option. Each of these colors attracts wealth and luck, but their mixing will not bring any result.

Put a figurine or a soft toy in the shape of a Dog on the table, so that the new patron, having entered your house, immediately saw that she is a welcome guest.

New Year is a holiday of joy and fun, so do not focus on the New Year’s dinner. After a hearty meal, be sure to arrange contests or go for a walk through the city at night with your loved ones.

Already a few days before the New Year, we are looking forward to the holiday and a variety of treats. This year you can diversify your menu with new recipes. Their original appearance and unforgettable taste will delight your family, and the patroness will thank you for your efforts. May the New Year bring you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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