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How to decorate the house for the New Year of the Rooster

How to decorate the house for the New Year of the Rooster

The new year is very soon, and everyone wants to take advantage of the pre-Christmas days to prepare for the holiday. Interior decoration is very important to attract good luck and protection of the symbol of the coming year — the Red Rooster.

Festive atmosphere and the smell of tangerines hover in the air. New Year’s fairs offer a great variety of accessories to meet the most important holiday. The symbol of the year, the Fiery Rooster, loves bright colors and sparkles. Your imagination will help create unique decorations.

Exclusive things will bring satisfaction and stand out with their individuality against the background of mass products. They will also serve as talismans and luck talismans for the whole of the next year.

Starting to bring the house in order should be with cleaning. The feng shui technique will help clean up energy flows and rid the house of objects that create heavy stagnant energy.

Christmas candles

Soft subdued light helps to relax and brings a touch of fairy tales to the room. A beautiful candlestick can be made from a glass or a can, decorated with sparkles. Outside, a handmade candlestick can be decorated with real cones and needles. The candle should choose a bright, with shiny elements.

With her flame and iridescent reflections she will attract the attention of the Rooster and the patronage of the fire element.

Wreaths and garlands

You can weave a wreath of coniferous branches. They will add a festive mood and fill the house with the scent of forest freshness. In order for luck to look at your door, use red bows and toys with the symbols of the New Year. A wreath of flowers will remind you of summer sunny days and will not leave indifferent the Red Rooster.

Jewelry can also be made from scrap materials, such as buttons or dry leaves.

New Year’s compositions

As a decor, many use tree branches. To do this, the branch is covered with white paint and glue pieces of cotton, depicting snow. A figurine of a bird and a symbolic nest of grass will show the Rooster your concern for the family and its well-being.

This bird is an excellent family man and will gladly come to your defense. Long branches placed in a floor vase will also look original if decorated with small bright balls and a sparkling garland of tinsel or light bulbs.

Nice memories

Pick up photos from the outgoing year and make a garland of bright memories of them. Bright pictures will bring a lot of good impressions and remind you of joyful events. In order for the new year, luck does not leave the house, you can go to the trick. From glossy magazines should cut pictures that represent your desires.

It can be traveling, the seashore, the new car — anything you want. Collage should be placed next to the Christmas tree and put a figure or image next to the Rooster. He will definitely help to fulfill your desires.

Decoration of furniture and table

The backs of the chairs can be decorated with beautiful satin bows, and the table legs can be wrapped with bright stripes of red and green fabric. On the legs you can make symbolic shoes made of colored paper or cardboard. Bells for decoration will serve as a talisman, scaring evil forces and unkind looks.

Bright shiny toys and bows can also be attached to the doors of the cabinets. Napkins made of natural fabrics will give elegance to a festive table, and wooden baskets will complete the image of a rustic hospitality table, which is so fond of the symbol of the coming year.

Do not limit yourself and fantasize. Create your own unique style of home comfort. Decorating a Christmas tree on the advice of Feng Shui will also attract Fortune and the Red Rooster.

Do not forget to make a wish in the New Year’s Eve. We wish you warm winter evenings, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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