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How to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster: New Year omens for good luck

How to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster: New Year omens for good luck

Meeting the New Year has always been a welcome and magical holiday. How to attract luck and attention of the Red Rooster on the eve of the holiday, tell the signs.

Signs collected by our ancestors and time-tested, excellent assistants in the prediction of fate. Life constantly gives us signs, and attentive people have learned how to interpret them and successfully apply them for their own well-being. Inner voice and intuition will help in making a decision.

There are many signs that make life easier and allow you to safely implement all the plans and desires. Good luck, health, love — all this can be obtained if you listen to experienced people and use the baggage of the wisdom of many generations.

How to draw luck

To gain support in the coming year, you can use talismans for the Year of the Rooster. Self-made charms will attract good luck and protect you and your loved ones from evil thoughts.

Do you want luck to not leave you and always have money in your pocket? Prepare the coins and wrap them in red wrapping paper. Before the chiming clock, give guests a coin with the words:

“I generously distribute wealth from my own pocket, without knowing greed. The wealth will be returned to me multiplied by the number of guests folded «

Luck does not leave optimistic people. If you believe you accept, then to avoid a bad mood in the new year will help the mask of any animal. On the eve of the holiday, put it on and go to the mirror.

Dance, sing, grimace — whatever, if only it was fun. You can meet the year in a mask with your family and friends — so you all get charged with positive emotions.

People leading an active lifestyle, do not interfere with the support of a capricious Fortune. In a healthy body, there must be a healthy mind, and the next rite is intended to shield you from diseases and injuries. Prepare any herbal tea, pour it into your favorite mug and slowly drink a sip with the words:

“The grass was saturated with the sun, in the winter the summer heat was given to me. I take over the energy of the Earth, in the coming year I want to be healthy ”

Christmas signs for good luck

The good news received in the new year is a sign of luck. Agree with friends and send each other letters by mail. Wish them luck, well-being and happiness.

Describe their best qualities and thank them for what they are in your life. Attach a red ribbon to the letter — it will interest the Rooster and will not leave your message without attention.

To have a good dream on New Year’s Eve or on the night before the holiday is considered a good sign. Try not to think about anything bad and pray to the Virgin Mary for a good dream. It is believed that in this magical night, he is often prophetic and with a strong faith will come true.

Well, if you suddenly have a nightmare, wash with cold water in the morning, spit three times and spit over your left shoulder. Think of your nightmare by tying knots on a string, and then burn it over the candle with the words:

“Righteous fire burns everything, cleans from filth. A bad dream from the head off. He will leave, as from the dawn of the night «

According to national signs, a successful year will be for those who met him in new clothes. Rooster bird is capricious and does not like greedy and petty people. Try not to wear other people’s things, and especially not to take jewelry. They are charged with foreign energy and can adversely affect your biofield.

It is not necessary to buy an expensive toilet. Use tinsel and beads to make the outfit shine and catch the attention of the bright Red Rooster.

For those who have a money tree at home, it is useful to decorate it with bills or coins. After midnight, take some snow, melt it and pour the plant with the words:

“The melt water of the new year has melted the ice of bad luck and bad luck. Grow, tree, strong, for the joy of us and good luck in the house «

It is believed that with all indoor plants you need to talk so that they grow better and clean the house from negative energy.

The vagaries of Fortune can cajole hospitality and abundance. Call your luck on a visit and ask to try dishes from the table. Put an additional device and fill it with everyone in order not to offend the wayward guest.

It is better to pour juice into a glass so that the year is not drunk and full of not always pleasant and acceptable surprises.

To preserve the welfare and prosperity of the family, to protect it from adversity and quarrels will help the red thread. Entangle her table legs and hold hands before the chiming clock. The ancestors believed that the thread would keep all members of the household and strengthen relationships.

Believing in miracles is necessary not only for small children. Adults who have not lost their enthusiasm and faith in a miracle are successful in life. The denial of miracles and the idea that only children and fools believe in fairy tales, negatively affects the perception of the world and pollutes energy flows.

Drop doubts and make a most intimate wish. Believe, because miracles are waiting for us at every turn. All the best to you, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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